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Huebner Gold Medal

Huebner Gold MedalFounded in 1927, The American College has become an internationally recognized educational institution. Thousands of men and women have benefited professionally from The American College and have given of themselves to The College in return.

In 1975, as The College approached its 50th year, the Board of Trustees decided to honor those whose role in the development of the institution was of special significance. The Huebner Gold Medal, named for The College's founder, Solomon S. Huebner, is awarded to people who, through support and dedication to The College and its programs, have moved the institution forward in its mission.

Huebner Gold Medal Winners

2015 Huebner Gold Medal
Eileen C. McDonnell

2014 Huebner Gold Medal
Dr. Larry Barton, CAP®

2013 Huebner Gold Medal
Michael C. Davidson, MSM, CLU®, CAP®

2010 Huebner Gold Medal
Robert B. Plybon, CLU®, ChFC®

2008 Huebner Gold Medal
Reginald N. Rabjohns, CLU®, ChFC®
Frederick J. Sievert

2006 Huebner Gold Medal

Jack B. Turner, CLU®, ChFC®

2004 Huebner Gold Medal
Charles R. Wright, CLU®, ChFC®

2002 Huebner Gold Medal
Samuel J. Foti, CLU®
William T. Walsh, MSFS, CLU®,

2000 Huebner Gold Medal
Millard J. Grauer, CLU®, ChFC®
Robert W. Verhille, CLU®, ChFC®

1998 Huebner Gold Medal
Vincent C. Bowhers, CLU®, ChFC®
John R. Driskill, CLU®, ChFC®

1996 Huebner Gold Medal
Brian S. Brown, CLU®, ChFC®

1994 Huebner Gold Medal
Maxine B. Niemeyer, MSFS, MSM,

1992 Huebner Gold Medal
John B. Carter, CLU®

1990 Huebner Gold Medal
Helen L. Schmidt, CLU®
William B. Wallace, CLU®, ChFC®

1988 Huebner Gold Medal
Richard D. Irwin
Benjamin N. Woodson, CLU®

1986 Huebner Gold Medal
Robert A. Beck, CLU®
Clarence C. Walton

1984 Huebner Gold Medal
Kenneth Black, Jr., CLU®

1982 Huebner Gold Medal
John T. Fey
Gen Hirose

1980 Huebner Gold Medal
Roger Hull, CLU®
Paul S. Mills, CLU®

1978 Huebner Gold Medal
Ernest J. Clark, Jr., CLU®
John O. Todd, CLU®
Edward A. Woods, CLU®

1976 Huebner Gold Medal
William T. Beadles, CLU®
Charles J. Zimmerman, CLU®

2012 Huebner Gold Medal
Peter Browne, LUTCF
Alan Press, CLU®, LUTCF

2011 Huebner Gold Medal
Albert J. Schiff, CLU®, CAP®

2009 Huebner Gold Medal
Gloria M. La Grassa, CLU®, ChFC®
Richard A. Liddy, CLU®

2007 Huebner Gold Medal
William H. Beckley, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®
Louis P. DiCerbo II, CLU®, ChFC®

2005 Huebner Gold Medal

Thomas J. O'Haren, CLU®, ChFC®

2003 Huebner Gold Medal
Lee M. Gammill, Jr., CLU®
O. Alfred Granum, CLU®

2001 Huebner Gold Medal
Jarrett L. Davis III, CLU®
Thomas J. Wolff, CLU®, ChFC®

1999 Huebner Gold Medal

Joseph M. Belth, CLU®
James A. Mitchell, CLU®, ChFC®

1997 Huebner Gold Medal
Denis F. Mullane, MSFS, CLU®
Samuel H. Weese, CLU®

1995 Huebner Gold Medal
Stanley Liss, CLU®

1993 Huebner Gold Medal
Edmund L. Zalinski, CLU®

1991 Huebner Gold Medal
Marvin D. Bower, CLU®

1989 Huebner Gold Medal
Leo R. Futia, CLU®
Sidney P. Marland, Jr.

1987 Huebner Gold Medal
Vane B. Lucas, CLU®
Lester A. Rosen, CLU®

1985 Huebner Gold Medal
Frank M. Engle
James B. Irvine, Jr., CLU®

1983 Huebner Gold Medal
Robert M. Best, CLU®
J. Carlton Smith, CLU®

1981 Huebner Gold Medal
Joseph E. Boettner, CLU®
Mildred F. Stone, CLU®

1979 Huebner Gold Medal
Davis Gregg, CLU®
Raymond C. Johnson, CLU®

1977 Huebner Gold Medal
William H. Andrews, Jr., CLU®
Paul F. Clark, CLU®
David McCahan, CLU®
Dan M. McGill, CLU®
Julian S. Myrick

1975 Huebner Gold Medal
Charles L. Post, CLU®


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