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Student Policies

By enrolling in any course at The American College, a student agrees to abide by the following student policies:

Admissions Declarations

By enrolling in a course at The American College all students agree to be bound by the following Admissions Declarations:

I agree to be bound by The American College Code of Ethics and Procedures and other ethical codes or standards that apply to this designation. I am aware that successfully passing the examination is not the sole requirement for the awarding of a designation and I agree that I shall not be entitled to the designation unless I also meet any experience or ethical standards established by the Board of Trustees. I understand that I must complete the educational requirements for a particular program within 5 years from the date of the initial course registration in that program. I further understand that upon award of my designation, I will be obligated to comply with the continuing education requirements and pay any associated recertification fees required by The American College to maintain use of the designation.

The American College reserves the right to void any examination if, in its sole opinion, there is reason to question its validity. I agree to be bound by the policies of the College and understand it is my responsibility to make myself aware of additional policies announced in the future that are applicable to my designation(s).

Recertification Fee for First-time PACE-required Designees after February 1, 2007

Quick Facts:
  • Only for designations subject to the PACE Recertification Program
  • A single fee covers multiple designations
  • Not retroactive for prior PACE-required designees

To meet the costs of appropriately providing and monitoring PACE certification and to continue building public recognition of these important designations, we are instituting a single biennial recertification fee of $250 that will cover all of the designations a student earns from The American College. This fee, charged every two years, will help The American College maintain the high value of your designations throughout your professional career.

This recertification fee will be effective for all students who are awarded their first designation subject to PACE after February 1, 2007. The first payment for this fee will be due at the time those students submit their biennial PACE reporting form, and only designations subject to the PACE Recertification Program are impacted. Additional fees are not assessed for multiple designations. Individuals who go on to earn multiple designations from our institution will pay only a single $250 fee every two years regardless of the number of American College designations they pursue.

Designees whose first PACE-required credential from The American College is awarded by February 1, 2007 are not impacted by this fee. For individuals in this category who still wish to support this important work of The College as a nonprofit institution, we encourage you to participate in this program voluntarily and help us build stronger recognition for your designations and degrees.

Recertification FAQs

Policy Concerning Timely Completion of Requirements for Designation/Degree Programs

In order to ensure both timely completion of designations and the most relevant course information, The American College has established the 5-year Rule.

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Adademic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity means that students must demonstrate honest scholarship in all academic activities associated with The American College. All academic work submitted for grading, assessment of student proficiency, or consideration as original research must be the result of an individual's own efforts.
Academic dishonesty generally falls into one of three categories: cheating, plagiarism, or falsification of information.

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Student Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy

It is the policy of The American College, in working to establish an environment of respect that is conducive to learning for every student, to view sexual misconduct and sexual harassment of students as unacceptable conduct that will not be tolerated. This policy includes all forms of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and sexual violence by employees, faculty, students, or third parties while engaged in College activities.

Any violation of trust or any form of sexual intimidation or exploitation jeopardizes the mission of the institution and threatens the educational experience and well-being of students. This institution prohibits all forms of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct by its students and employees. The American College will take appropriate action, as deemed necessary, to prevent and address all such conduct.

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What recourse do I have if I fail an exam?

If you are unsuccessful in your attempt, The College permits you to retake an exam for a fee. You must wait at least TWO business days before re-registering for the exam. Students have up to one year from the term or calendar quarter of their original registration to pay the reschedule fee and take their final exam. Full fee registration is required after this time or date.

IMPORTANT: College rules require that a student who fails the same Huebner School course three (3) times must wait a minimum of six (6) months from the time of the third failure before taking the exam again. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Exam Counseling is available for students who are unsuccessful in their exam attempt(s). Please call the office of Professional Education at 888-263-7265 for assistance.


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