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Transfer of Credit

FIC/FICF Designation
Transfer of credit for certain courses will be granted to individuals who hold the FIC or FICF designation, provided the specific course(s) identified for transfer were based on course revisions produced in April 2007 or later.

For the FIC Basic Introduction to Life Insurance, course credit will be granted for The American College’s FA 202 (Techniques for Meeting Client Needs), provided that the student has completed the FIC designation. [Holders of the FIC/FICF designations who enrolled with Kaplan beginning April 2007 or later may receive up to 60 percent or 6 credits of total credits. Confirmation letter from Kaplan is required.] Credit for The American College’s FA 271 (Foundations of Estate Planning) and/or FA 251 (Essentials of Business Insurance) courses will be granted if the student has passed the FICF Graduate I Estate Planning and/or FICF Graduate II Business Insurance Concepts courses, respectively.

CFP® Certification, ChFC®, CLU®, REBC®, CLF®, and CASL® Programs
The American College's credit transfer policy for Huebner School courses permits a student who completed comparable courses at an accredited college or university, or in The American College's Irwin Graduate School, to apply for transfer of credit into a Huebner School designation program or its CFP® Certification Curriculum, provided the courses were completed within 7 years prior to the application date, and the student earned a grade of C or better in each course. In addition, students who recently earned any one or more of the pre-approved professional designations below are eligible to apply for transfer of credit.

Transfer of credit for internal and external courses is limited to a specified number of courses depending on the Huebner School program into which they are being transferred. Up to three courses may be transferred into the CFP® Certification Curriculum or into the CLU® or ChFC® programs. Two courses may be transferred into the CASL® program. Regardless of the number of Huebner School programs into which courses can be transferred, the total maximum number of courses that can be transferred is three, except for CFP® certificants, who may transfer up to five courses (six courses, effective with the change in The College's CFP® Certification Curriculum in April 2005).

Download the CFP Certification Transfer of Credit Form 7-part Curriculum here

Students who complete selected Irwin Graduate School courses may apply for transfer of credit into Huebner School programs.

If a student Completed........He or she may obtain transfer credit for:

GS 811
GS 815
GS 816
GS 817
GS 836
GS 842
GS 930 + GS 960


HS 328
HS 330
HS 334
HS 321
HS 331
HS 342
HS 382 + HS 384*
HS 384**

* If you have completed GS 930 & GS 960, you can receive a reverse transfer of credit for HS 382 & HS 384.

** If you have earned the MBA degree within the past 7 years of applying for a transfer of credit, you can receive a transfer of credit for HS 384.

Graduate Programs
MSFS Program
A maximum of nine credits toward the MSFS degree may be transferred from other accredited colleges or universities. The credits must be at the graduate level with courses similar in content to those of The American College; they must have been earned within 7 years of the date of admission to the MSFS degree program; and the student must have earned a grade of B or better in each course.

A request for credit transfer must be submitted in writing to the associate director of the Graduate School and should include a description of the course for which transfer is being sought and the name of the college or university where the credits were earned. The student must also have that college or university forward an official transcript to the Registrar's Office at The American College. Transferred credits apply to distance courses only.

MSM Program
A maximum of six (6) graduate credit hours (the equivalent of two 3-credit courses) may be transferred into the MSM in Leadership program. Determination of the credit transfer will be made on a case-by-case basis by the head of the program, subject to approval by the Chief Academic Officer of the College.


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Transfer of Credit Forms

If any of the following designations have been completed, please click on the corresponding application to request transfer of credit for the following courses:

Former 5-Course CFP Curriculum
HS 358 ChFC® Transfer Credit

Transfer Accredited Tax Advisor
HS 330 and HS 331

AIRC Transfer of Credit Form
HS 323 and HS 324

ALHC Transfer of Credit Form
HS 323* and HS 324
If both FLMI 1 and FLMI 2

APA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 326

CEBS Transfer of Credit Form
HS 325 , HS 326 , and HS 328

CFA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 328

CFP Certification Transfer of Credit Form
7-Part Curriculum

CPA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 321

CPC QPA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 326

FALU Transfer of Credit Form
HS 323 and HS 324

FLMI Transfer of Credit Form
HS 322*, HS 323, HS 324,
and HS 325**, and HS 326***
* If FLMI 10FS or FLMI 351 taken
** If FLMI 10GI taken
*** If FLMI 10PP taken
FLMI 10FS, 10GI, and 10PP are no longer offered, but still available for transfer of credit

FSA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 323, HS 325*, HS 326*, and HS 328*
* If appropriate options were taken in FSA program. Contact the Office of Professional Education for details.

HIA Transfer of Credit Form
HS 313

Credit toward one elective in the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) or Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) programs

Other College Transfer of Credit Form  
Programs of Study
Centers of

Insurance Education

Registered Health Underwriter®

(Health Insurance)


Chartered Healthcare Consultant®

(Healthcare Specialty)


Registered Employee

Benefits Consultant

(Employee Benefits)


Chartered Leadership Fellow®

(Field or Agency Leadership)


Life Underwriter Training

Council Fellow

(Insurance Skills)


Chartered Life Underwriter®

(Insurance Specialty)

Financial Planning

Chartered Financial Consultant®

(Advanced Financial Planning)


Certification Education

(Financial Planning)


Chartered Advisor for

Senior Living®

(Retirement Income Education)


Financial Services Specialist

(Financial Services Basics)


Chartered Advisor

in Philanthropy®



Retirement Income

Certified Professional

(Retirement Income)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Management

(Executive Leadership)


Master of Science in

Financial Services

(Advanced Financial Planning)