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Fundamentals of Insurance Planning


Kevin M. Lynch

Focuses on the role of planning for insurance needs. Covers basic concepts in risk management and insurance, insurance industry operations, legal principles pertaining to this industry, and regulation of insurers. Examines social insurance, life insurance and annuities, medical and disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, and personal property and liability insurance. Concludes with an overview of commercial property and liability insurance and a case study.

6th edition, ©2015

Price: $120

Item Code: HS311-6

McGill's Life Insurance


CW Copeland

The most comprehensive and authoritative life insurance resource on the market, it covers all the topics that constitute the foundation for the study of more specialized aspects of life insurance, including term insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, policy illustrations, tax treatment, family and business uses of insurance, risk measurement and classification, time-value-of-money, reserves, net and gross premiums, surrender values, reinsurance, regulation, types of carriers, group life insurance, and the incontestable clause. With an emphasis on primary principles, McGill's combines theory and principles of life insurance with applications in today's dynamic environment.

10th edition, ©2015

Price: $120

Item Code: HS323-10

McGill's Legal Aspects of Life Insurance


Adam Beck

Concise and readable, this textbook covers the legal aspects of life insurance, including basic principles of contract law and formation of life insurance contracts; the law of agency and its application to the life insurance industry; policy provisions, premiums, and disposition of proceeds; and advertising and privacy issues. It also covers procedural and emotional issues concerning death and dying, as well as ethical issues facing today's insurance producers.

9th edition, ©2014

Price: $120

Item Code: HS324-8

Essentials of Disability Income Insurance


CW Copeland

Examines individual disability income insurance and the related products of business buyout coverage and business overhead expense insurance. Presents the real reasons behind commonly used objections and what they tell the skilled financial advisor, and reviews proven sales approaches and ways to overcome these objections and close the sale. Also covers the use of fact finding and field underwriting in making the disability income insurance sale, how to customize the policy to meet the prospect’s objectives, and how to deliver the policy and service the plan.


4th Edition, 2015

Price: $65

Item Code: FA-211

Essentials of Business Insurance


Glenn Stevick

Covers how life and disability income insurance can guarantee the control and value of a business following the owner’s or key person’s death, disability, or retirement through buy-sell agreements and key person insurance. Explores the basics of estate planning for the business owner. Examines what to say, how to say it and when to say it to capture the attention of the business owner.


2nd Edition, 2013

Price: $65

Item Code: FA251.02.1

Essentials of Life Insurance Products


Christensen, Stevick

Begins with an overview of the two basic types of life insurance policies – term and whole life – and then builds on that knowledge with an overview of the many product variations sol in today’s markets. The course also explores personal, family and business uses of life insurance products, as well as policy illustrations, cost comparison methods, income and estate taxation, policy provisions, marketing ideas and ethical issues facing the financial advisor. Provides a review of the selling/planning process for life insurance product solutions.


3rd Edition, 2011

Price: $65

Item Code: FA257.03.1

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