CLF® Office

Chartered Leadership Fellow®

6 Courses: 6 Required / 0 Elective

Office Leadership

The CLF® office track is designed for home office supervisors and focuses on theory and best practices for: leadership development, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, human resource management, employee recruitment and current issues within the insurance and financial services profession. The courses will help you create a culture of success in your business.

CLF® Office Curriculum

Course Name
Course #
Leadership in a Changing World
HS 382

Presents basic leadership concepts and the essentials that every effective leader practices. Examines core leadership behaviors and the results of applying them. Explores the leader’s role in creating, inspiring and maintaining an ethical climate.

Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace
HS 383

Helps managers enhance interactions with others by understanding basic concepts of interpersonal relationships in work organizations. Uses a human relations model and case studies to illustrate concepts, skills and techniques. Discusses topics such as understanding informal organization, productivity, quality improvement, job redesign, performance appraisal, employee rewards, managing conflict and change and dealing with difficult people. (May be taken for graduate credit; contact Graduate Administration for applicability.)

Creative Problem-Solving & Strategic Planning
HS 384

Improves the manager’s ability to solve problems creatively using both analytical and intuitive means. Provides an in-depth understanding of the strategic planning process, along with readings that demonstrate the application of strategic planning concepts.

Marketing Management of Financial Services
HS 387

Covers the essentials of marketing management, including planning and tactical considerations and a variety of functional areas. While taking a mainstream marketing management approach, also includes thought-provoking issues in life insurance and financial services.

Human Resource Management
HS 389

Approaches human resource management as a strategic element in every organization. Covers all aspects, including legal issues, job analysis, recruiting and selection, performance management and career development, compensation and pay for performance, safety and health and employee relations.

Leading in the Office Environment
HS 388

This capstone course focuses on the critical need to help today's managers become tomorrow's leaders. It integrates tools and techniques from previous CLF® courses to help managers analyze their current operations, create a customized organization and develop implementation plans. The course is delivered as a self-study case review. For tuition and other information, contact CLF® Administration, phone: 610-526-1335; fax: 610-526-1359.