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Arboretum and Campus Beautification Campaign

In 1994 The American College established its campus as a full-fledged Arboretum with the identification and classification of a large number of trees on The College's 35-acre campus. Gifts for the Arboretum honored or memorialized many people, and were used to enhance the campus by preserving the trees and grounds. Arboretum gifts contributed substantially to The College's assets when the campus was monetized in 2007.

The Eleanor Allen Fragrance Garden

This courtyard garden, planted for continuous seasonal bloom at the Gregg Conference Center, provides an intimate location in which to enjoy the sights and scents of the seasons. The garden was funded by John W. Allen in honor of his wife, Eleanor.

The Theodore J. Shalack Memorial Garden

Placed under a canopy of native shade trees, this garden anchors the north corner of the Arboretum. Brick pillars at one end of the garden are reminiscent of the former estate entrances of the area. The garden was funded by friends and associates of the late Theodore J. Shalack of MONY.

The Graduate Residency Terrace

Beautifully situated near Huebner Hall the multilevel Graduate Terrace, with its season-spanning plantings and garden benches, is a charming area in which to relax, hold an informal meeting, and just enjoy the view. The garden has been funded by members of the graduate residency classes.

Wolff Conifer Hill Walk

Winding ribbon-like down the hillside from the west side of Huebner Hall, Wolff Conifer Hill Walk invites visitors to enjoy a spectacular view from the overlook. The Walk, funded by Bette and Tom Wolff, provides access to study the Arboretum Conifer Collection.

The Bette and Tom Wolf Ponds

The ponds located in the center of the campus were restored through a generous gift from Bette and Tom Wolf. Plantings surround the pond and a water garden and bird baths are features of the pools below the spillway.

Goodwin Daffodil Hill

Planted with thousands of daffodils in well-designed and labeled beds, this hillside garden explodes with color in April. All 12 classifications of daffodils can be found in this garden funded by Betty and Fred Goodwin of Mission Hills, Kansas and with a matching gift from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

The Boettner Woodland Garden

American Beech and Tulip trees form a canopy for this woodland garden which is planted with shade-loving plants-ferns, bulbs, shrubs, and wildflowers. A brook runs through the garden broadening plant culture and attracting wildlife. The garden was a gift of the late Joseph and Ruth Boettner, dedicated gardeners and long-time supporters of The College.

The Herb Wall

When a bank was cut back to widen a driveway, the need for an attractive retaining wall inspired the Arboretum herb garden. The Loffelstein System was used to create a wall of spoon-like pockets (Loffel means pocket and stein is stone), which are planted with a variety of herbs to be both useful and attractive.

The Cottage Garden

"The Cottage Garden welcomes visitors to McCahan Hall, the Arboretum and Physical Plant Headquarters. Here perennials and annuals present a riot of bloom attracting many varieties of butterflies. This area presents a worthwhile donor funding opportunity." Located at McCahan Hall.

The James S. Weese Conifer Collection

This collection is intended to enhance the beauty and variety of the existing landscape while also providing learning opportunities for all visitors to the Arboretum, including students and individuals taking the Arborist Proficiency and Master Gardener exams. The gift was given with wisdom, affection, and understanding in honoring the spirit of James, who was academically gifted and who loved nature and being outdoors.

The Margaret I. Bradshaw Sundial Garden

Margaret Bradshaw, CLU® donated a sundial garden to The College. The garden, encased by stone, contains yellow black-eyed susans and purple cone flowers that both thrive in the garden's sunlit location.

Working Together Sculpture

Designed and built by Roger Phillips, CLU®, of New York, the Working Together Sculpture symbolizes the estate planning team. Each member acts independently but in relation to others. The precise stainless steel frame suggests the clear objective of the ideal plan described by Dr. Solomon Huener, founder of the CLU® movement. This gift was given by Trustee Louis P. DiCerbo, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC. Lou dedicated this sculpture to create a lasting visual expression for everyone to share.

Donor's Type of Tree
1. A.F.P. Group
Dwarf Weeping Purple Beech
Dwayne A. Edelstein CLU®, ChFC®
2. American Society of CLU® and ChFC®
Flowering Dogwood
Gary R. Froid, CLU®,ChFC®; TAC's 60th
3. Asian—American Advisory Committee
Spaeth European Beech
Samuel H. Weese, PhD, CLU®, CPCU®
4. Association of Life Underwriters
White Oak
William P. Fox
5. Beam, Burton T., Jr., CLU®, ChFC®
Winter King Hawthorn
Holly Ruckstuhl
6. Brigham, Daniel M., Jr,. CLU®
White Oak
Daniel M. Brigham Sr., CLU®
7. Brown, Brian S., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Dogwood
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
8. Bryn Mawr Trust
Red Buckeye
J. Clyde Hart
9. Busby, Howard C., CLU®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
10. Carin, Diane Lord, CLU®, MSM
Leyland Cypress
Joan Lord Tamburro
11. CLASS OF 1929
Japanese Umbrella Pine
12. CLASS OF 1930
Pink Flowering Dogwood
Ben McGiveran, CLU®
13. CLASS OF 1932
14. CLASS OF 1933
Koster Blue Spruce
James Elton Bragg, CLU®
15. CLASS OF 1934
Kentucky Coffee Tree
16. CLASS OF 1935
Pin Oak
17. CLASS OF 1936
Willow Oak
18. CLASS OF 1937
American Beech
19. CLASS OF 1938
Red Oak
20. CLASS OF 1939
White Oak
Solomon S. Huebner, PhD
21. CLASS OF 1940
Small-leaf European Linden
22. CLASS OF 1941
White Oak
23. CLASS OF 1943
Cedar of Lebanon
24. CLASS OF 1945
Blue Atlas Cedar
Robert L. Levin, CLU®
25. CLASS OF 1946
Atlas Cedar
26. CLASS OF 1948
Swamp White Oak
27. CLASS OF 1949
Himalayan Pine
28. CLASS OF 1950
Japanese White Pine
29. CLASS OF 1951
Fern-leaf Beech
30. CLASS OF 1952
Cut-leaf Beech
Vane B. Lucas, CLU®, PhD
31. CLASS OF 1953
Franklin Tree
32. CLASS OF 1953
Sour Gum
33. CLASS OF 1955
Copper Beech
Helen Schmidt, CLU®
34. CLASS OF 1956
Kwanzan Cherry
35. Central Illinois
White Oak
Charles J. Cardwell, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
36. Central New York
Red Maple
Donald C. Newton, CLU®
37. Chicago and ALU
White Oak
William P. Fox
38. Cleveland
TAC's 70th Anniversary
39. Dallas
Katsura Tree
Beverly Brooks, CLU®
40. Delaware
Bloodgood London Plane
Gordon K. Rose, CLU®, ChFC®
41. East Bay
Hally Jolivette Cherry
Martin Cherry, CLU®
42. El Paso
Flowering Dogwood
James B. Adkins, CLU®
43. Greater Newark
American Hophorbeam
44. Hartford
Autumn Purple White Ash
TAC's 70th Anniversary
45. Los Angeles
Trident Maple
Alf Kuhlman (A.H., Jr.), CLU®
46. Maine
Balsam Fir
Harris Plaisted, CLU®
47. Marin County
American Beach
Carroll Walker, CLU®
48. Minneapolis
Tulip Tree
Miles W. McNally, CLU®, ChFC®
49. New York
American Beech
N.Y Chapter CLU® & ChFC® 65th Anniversary
50. Peninsula
Pagoda Dogwood
Robert B. Williams, CLU®, ChFC®
51. Philadelphia
Red Maple
John C. Knipp Jr, CLU®, ChFC®
52. Rocky Mountain
Lacebark Pine
Hartman Axley, JD, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®
53. San Francisco
Flowering Dogwood
Curtis B. Ford, JD, CLU®, ChFC®
54. San Jose
White Oak
Raymond A. Silva, CLU®, ChFC®
55. Tidewater
Golden Larch
Jane E. Martin, CLU®, ChFC®
56. Tulsa
Shingle Oak
Frank M. Engle
56. Tulsa
Shingle Oak
Frank M. Engle
57. College of Insurance, Israel
Golden Weeping Willow
58. Cook, Rodney M., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
59. Davis, Ralph, Jr., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
60. Dechert, Robert
Dawn Redwood
61. DiCerbo, Lou, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC®
Weeping Alaskan Cedar
Charles Drimal, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
62. DiCerbo, Lou, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC®
Serbian Spruce
Samuel H. Weese, PhD, CLU®, CPCU®
63. DiCerbo, Lou, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC®
China Fir
Penn Mutual Life Insurance
64. DiCerbo, Lou, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC®
Needle Juniper
Michael Rosenzweig, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP
65. Employees of The American College
Tulip Tree
The American College
66. Forcey, Patricia A.
White Flowering Dogwood
Thomas, Mabel and David Forcey
67. Founders' Bank
Turkish Filbert
The American College
68. Friends of John C. Knipp, Jr., CLU®
Red Maple
John C. Knipp Jr., CLU®, ChFC®
69. Friends of Robert L. Levin, CLU® & the CLU® class of 1945
Swamp White Oak
Robert L. Levin, CLU®
70. Friends of James C. Ross, CLU®
Halka Red Maple
James C. Ross, CLU®
71. Friends of Theodore Widing, CLU®
Amur Cork Tree
Theodore Widing, CLU®
72. Froid, Gary, CLU®, ChFC®
Purple Fountain Weeping Beech
Irving "Skip" Stein, CLU®, ChFC®
73. Froid, Gary, CLU®, ChFC®
White Oak
Gary Froid, CLU®, ChFC®
74. Gilmore, Gene J., CLU®
European Larch
Bruce W. Gilmore
75. Golden Key Society
Yoshino Japanese Cedar
Solomon S. Huebner. PhD
76. Graduate Residency, March 1997
Tulip Tree
New York Life Insurance Co.
77. Halperin Family
Golden Rain Tree
Joan Friedman Halperin
78. Haverford College Arboretum
American Elm
79. Healey, Dermot T., CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, REBC® and Mary Ellen and family
Bald Cypress
James B. Longly, CLU®, ChFC®
80. Houston Knight Agency of Guardian Life Ins. CO.
Swamp White Oak
Clark B. McCleary, CLU®, ChFC®
81. Jenkins, B. Larry, CLU®
Fragrant Epaulette Tree
Catherine H. Jenkins
82. Kimber, Charles R., Jr., Margaret B. Kimber, Lucile K. Reeves
Halka Honeylocust
Charles R. Kimber, CLU®
83. Levin, Robert L., CLU®
Sawtooth Locust
Pauline K. Levin
84. Life Underwriting, Academy of Japan
Flowering Cherry
85. Lundy—Harris, Maryann (see Weese)
Patmore Green Ash
Mr. And Mrs. Samuel J. Weese
86. Masters' Class, March 1997
Yoshimo Japanese Cedar
87. Mattingly, Edward H., Jr., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
88. McHargue, Wayne O. CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, MSFS, MSM
American Beech
Edward H., Miller III, CLU®, ChFC®
89. Murdock, George S., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
90. O'Haren, Thomas J., CLU®, ChFC®
Fern-leaf Beech
Elizabeth M. O'Haren
91. Poole, James P., CLU®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
92. Press, Alan, CLU®
Bald Cypress
Press, Alan, CLU®
93. Prickett, James E., CLU®, ChFC®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
94. Provident Mutual Life Ins. Co.
Yellow Buckeye
CLUs® & ChFCs® of Provident Mutual Life Ins Co
95. Prudential Life Ins. CO.
Scarlet Oak
Brian S. Brown, CLU® ChFC®
96. Reeves, Louis K. (see Kimber)
Halka Honeylocust
Charles R. Kimber, CLU®
97. Research Agencies Group
Ruby Horse Chestnut
Charles R. Kimber, CLU®
98. Society of Financial Service Professional (see CLU® & ChFC® Chapters)
99. Society of Financial Service Professional (see American Society of CLU® & ChFC® Chapters)
White Oak
100. Society of Financial Service Professional (see American Society of CLU® & ChFC® Chapters)
Flowering Dogwood
Gary R. Froid, CLU®, ChFC®
101. Society of Financial Service Professional (see American Society of CLU® & ChFC® Chapters)
Flowering Dogwood
The American College 60th Anniversary
102. Stallworth, J. L.
Flowering Dogwood
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
103. Standard Insurance CO. of Portland, OR
Cucumber Magnolia
Alan D. Canfield, CLU®
104. Tarr, Alice and Stephen CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
Halka Red Maple
Stanford B. Halperin CLU®, ChFC®, PhD
105. Tarr, Rose, Alice and Stephen CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
Heritage White Birch
Paul McKean Tarr
106. Taylor, Leonard B., CLU®
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Holcombe T. Green, CLU®
107. Telich, John R., Sr., CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS and family
Fragrant Epaulette Tree
108. Thomas, Mike, David and Craig
Black Gum
Jerry L. Thomas, CLU®
109. Turner, Margie and Jack B. CLU®, ChFC®
Oriental Spruce
Arch Northington
110. Weese, Samuel H., PhD, CLU®, CPCU®, son and Mary Ann Lundy-Harris, daughter
Patmore Green Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Weese
111. Wertlieb Family Foundation for Philanthropy
Paperbark Maple
112. Women Life Underwriters Confederation
Giant Dogwood
113. Yoder, Dale, E., and family
Big Leaf Magnolia
Joan C. Yoder

Additional Donors


John W. Allen, CLU®, ChFC®

Charles V. Anderson

J. Keith Baker, MSFS

John L. Baker, CLU®, ChFC®

David J. Banholzer

Richard A. Barrick, CLU®, ChFC®, CLF®

Donald O. Bauer, CLU®

Richard F. Bayer, CLU®

Allen J. Bazensky, CLU®, ChFC®

C. Duncan Beard, CLU®

Walter A. Bell

Seymour N. Black, CLU®

Ronald C. Boddy

Terry D. Boddy, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF

Kathleen E. Boger

Joseph J. Bonargo

Raymond T. Brinson, CLU®

Christopher W. Burtley, CLU®, ChFC®

Darlene Cacciola

M. Diane Carlin, MSM, CLU®, CLF®

Kevin T. Collins

Thomas J. Conklin

Richard E. Connors, CLU®

Ronald R. Coulson, CLU®, ChFC®

Peter H. Craig, CLU®, ChFC®

Charles L. Cutler, ChFC®, CLU®

William J. Davis

Gary DiCresce

Carroll D. Dolson, CLU®, ChFC®

Betty Earl

David Eisner, CLU®

William S. Findlay, CLU®, ChFC®

Harry I. Fisher Jr, CLU®

Sandra Fodi

Samuel J. Foti, CLU®

Jason C. Fu

Frederick Goodwin Jr, CLU®, ChFC®

Shelley S. Goren, CLU®

Frank F. Haack Jr, CLU®, ChFC®

John W. Hall Jr, CLU®, ChFC®

Stephen J. Hall, CLU®, ChFC®

William Heyburn II

Michelle L. Hoesly, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®

Steven Hoostal

Alan R. Hutchins, CLU®, ChFC®

Herman J. Johansen, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF

F. William Johnson Jr, CLU®, ChFC®

Martha S. Johnson, ChFC®

Wayne W. Johnson, CLU®, ChFC®

James T. Kane Jr., CLU®, ChFC®

Candace G. Kaplan, RHU®, ChFC®

Seth M. Katz

Joyce B. Knaus, CLU®

Arnie L. Kroupa, ChFC®, CLU®

Valerie L. Leopold

Brian R. Lessing, CLU®

Kenneth Levine

H. Kirke Lewis, CLU®, ChFC®

Stanley N. Light

Celia Liu

Terry D. Markham, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, REBC®, RHU®

Thomas T. Martin

Richard Marx

Marvin D. Massey, CLU®

John G. McCune, CLU®, ChFC®

Peter George Menihan, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®

John Millerick

Richard F. Moon

John J. Moschitta

William T. Mulroy, CLU®, CASL®

Sally W. Munford, MSFS, ChFC®, CLU®

Robin M. Neilio, MSFS, ChFC®, CLU®

Kristin A. Nordahl, CLU®

Elizabeth V. O'Neill

John L. Ostner, CLU®, ChFC®

Dale N. Peatman, MSFS, CLU®

William N. Peck, CLU®

David E. Peterson

Bernard A. Pierson, CLU®

Dennis W. Pike Jr., CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, REBC®

Jacob Poleyeff

Heather Cameron Poole, CLU®, ChFC®

Mary Relihan

Elliott A. Robinson, CLU®, ChFC®

Sheldon Robinson, CLU®, ChFC®

Ernest P. Rogers

James F. Ruch, CLU®, ChFC®

Steven M. Ruderman

Richard D. Satell, CLU®, ChFC®

Charles G. Schlichter Jr., MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®

John C. Schneller, CLU®

Doris Schwehr

Mary L. Seebeck

Joseph Seltzer, CLU®, ChFC®

James J. Serra, CLU®

Robert E. Shalack, MSM, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®

Allen A. Skogebo, CLU®, ChFC®

John A. Skryd Sr.

Michael Slipowitz Godfrey L. Smith III, CLU®, ChFC®

Gary D. Spitzer, CLU®

William A. Stahlka

Arthur D. Staples, CLU®, ChFC®

Anita R. Stinnett, ChFC®

Dennis Sturgeon

Dorothy J. Summers, LUTCF, CLU®, ChFC®

Juliet M. Taverna

John R. Telich Sr., MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®

Victor Ugolyn

Robert Varner

Aldo Verrelli

Larry Anthony Vogt

Francis J. Waldron

Marion S. White, CLU®

Herbert L. Wickstrand, CLU®

Theodore Widing Jr, CLU®

Jeffrey Alan Wilson, ChFC®, CLU®

Loyal I. Wilson, CLU®, ChFC®

Benjamin Wozniak

Samuel G. Wurtzel, CLU®, ChFC®

Stephen L. Younker, CLU®

Maureen C. Zupan, CLU®



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