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John F. Savage Fund

During his lifetime, John F. Savage, CLU®, ChFC® was one of the most effective and respected life insurance motivational speakers. His willingness to teach others was the natural result of his extensive knowledge of the industry and his overwhelmingly positive attitude. He gave more than 300 speeches in his lifetime in countries throughout the world. A general agent for Columbus Mutual, John was a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table. His community activities included extensive involvement with the University of Toledo, where he served as chairman of the Board of Trustees. Gifts from family and friends established the John F. Savage Educational Forum in John's memory to promote professional financial services learning.



Robert S. Albritton, CLU®

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Richard M. Herrick, CLU®, ChFC®

David H. Hilton, CLU®, ChFC®

John W. Homer, CLU®, ChFC®

Douglas W. Johnson, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF

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Thomas M. Kukes, CLU®, ChFC®

Norman G. Levine, CLU®, ChFC®

H. Kirke Lewis, CLU®, ChFC®

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Charles D. Marks, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®

Joseph C. McGee, CLU®, ChFC®

Jack L. McKewen, CLU®

Bobb A. Meckenstock, CLU®

Irwin B. Meisel, CLU®, ChFC®

Ted M. Norris, LUTCF, CLU®

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Rulon E. Rasmussen, CLU®

Michael J. Rosenberg, CLU®, ChFC®

John F. Savage, CLU®

Mary R. Savage

Robert C. Savage, CLU®, ChFC®

Richard W. Sawyer, CLU®, ChFC®

Walter G. Schnee III

Godfrey L. Smith III, CLU®, ChFC®

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Kirk A. Thompson, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®

John O. Todd, CLU®

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Jack B. Turner, CLU®, ChFC®

Clune J. Walsh Jr., CLU®

William E. Warnkin, CLU®

G Wayne & Leslee Wihbey

John F. Wily III, CLU®

Thomas J. Wolff, CLU®, ChFC®

Marshall I. Wolper, CLU®, ChFC®

Bernard H. Zais, CLU®, RHU®, ChFC®

Roger G. Zener, CLU®


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