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Frequently Asked Questions about The MSM Program

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Is The American College accredited?
Yes, The American College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
How does the MSM differ from the MBA?
The major objective of the MBA is to enhance one's proficiency in each of business's functional areas, such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. The MSM assumes that the student already has high proficiency in each of these functional areas and focuses on leadership and team development. More specifically, the focus of the MBA is management, while the focus of the MSM is leadership.
How much time does the average student spend weekly working on the program?
The student should plan on spending about 10 hours per week to complete all of the program requirements.
What is the grading scale, and how are students evaluated?
What is the grading scale, and how are students evaluated? The grading scale is A, B, C, and F. A= 90-100; B= 80-89; C= 70-79; F is less than 70. Students are evaluated by both exams (short answer essay) and class participation.
What happens if a student must miss a class?
  • The residency classes are taught face-to-face for the initial week. Class attendance is mandatory. At the end of the program, there is a one-week mandatory residency program.
  • All online classes are archived, and the student has access to all archived classes.
Does the program make use of teams and/or cohort groups?
The program makes significant use of teams. During the first on-campus residency program, students are assigned to teams. The students will stay in the same team throughout the entire program. The major criterion used to assign members to teams include making sure that individuals within the team come from as different backgrounds as possible.
Is there a special type of computer I need for online classes?
Any computer that is less than 5 years old will work fine for online classes. It is recommended that all students use "hard wire" versus using wireless networks. In cases where students experience problems with organizational firewalls, The College's Information Technology Division works with the student to ensure access.
What day and time are online classes taught?
Online classes are taught from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Monday evenings. In rare cases where more time is needed for class, the instructor may ask that the class meet on Wednesday evenings.
Would you provide more details about the Residencies I and II?
  • The five-day Residency I is taught at the beginning of the program. About 4-6 weeks before the student comes to campus, the student receives materials to prepare for the residency. Included in the residency are two major courses: Communications and Leadership and Personal and Interpersonal Leadership Skills. Also, during this residency the student is introduced to the year-long leadership development experience.
  • The four-day Residency II is taught at the end of the program. As in Residency I the student is provided materials about 4-6 weeks before coming to campus. During Residency II the student completes two courses: Ethics in Leadership and Management by Leadership. In addition, during this residency each student will make a presentation of the year-long leadership development experience.
Can you explain the transfer of credit policy into the program?
Students who have attended MBA or other graduate level programs from accredited universities/colleges receive a two-course transfer of credit. However, the student must attend and participate in all of the online classes even though he/she has received a transfer of credit for the course. The student does have an option of taking the final exam. Students who receive a transfer of credit do receive reduced tuition.
How do I know if my company reimburses for tuition?
Each student needs to talk with his/her human resources or employee benefits department to determine company reimbursement policies.
What are the tuition payment options?
There are four tuition payment options: pay by the course ($31,000/10 courses); monthly payments ($31,000/12 months); pay in full upon acceptance into the program; or pay in 3 equal installments.
Do I receive CE and PACE credits for the MSM?
States do not allow CE credits for any management and/or leadership courses. Completion of each course provides 30 PACE credits.
Where do I go for more information and/or to apply for the MSM?
For more information, go to: or call our Graduate Leadership Education department at 610-526-1415.

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