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CLU® Chartered Life Underwriter®

What can the CLU Designation do for your career?

The CLU® designation establishes your credentials to provide a wide range of advice to your clients. In addition to life insurance planning expertise, the CLU® can provide expert advice on a broad range of financial topics including private and public health insurance, pension planning, insurance law, income taxation, investments, financial and estate planning, and group benefits.

How do you promote your designation?

Any collateral materials you print should list your CLU® designation. Business cards, letterhead, brochures, and any online presence should display your designation(s). Any membership directories for organizations in which you hold membership should list your designation. All press releases, articles you write, interviews you give, should all list your designation. As permitted by your organization’s compliance officer, any office signage should display your designation. Sponsorships of youth sports teams, year book ads, business directories, and any other advertising opportunity you can think of should include your designations, after your name.

Most important, your professional associates should be made aware of your areas of expertise. In this manner, you and they can form affiliations that enable you to mutually benefit in serving your combined clientele. Property & Casualty Agents, fee only financial planners, attorneys, and CPAs traditionally do not possess life insurance planning expertise. Your knowledge in this area can help them serve their clients in a more professional manner. That is how you establish your value added to the relationship. You can do this through associate memberships in their professional associations, chambers of commerce memberships, and direct mail campaigns. Depending on your abilities and technical orientation, social media also represents an opportunity for promoting your designation. Of special note would be LinkedIn.

Elevator Speech ideas, in response to “What do you do?”

  • I provide families and business owners solutions to problems involving dying too soon or living too long!

  • I help families and business owners meet all their obligations to those they care about, whether they are here to enjoy it, or not!

  • I help families and business owners build a solid foundation for all their future financial plans!

  • I provide the tools and techniques necessary for fellow professionals to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

  • I help families decide whether those surviving the loss of the primary breadwinner carry on with dignity, or in desperation.

Programs of Study
Centers of

Insurance Education

Registered Health Underwriter®

(Health Insurance)


Chartered Healthcare Consultant®

(Healthcare Specialty)


Registered Employee

Benefits Consultant

(Employee Benefits)


Chartered Leadership Fellow®

(Field or Agency Leadership)


Life Underwriter Training

Council Fellow

(Insurance Skills)


Chartered Life Underwriter®

(Insurance Specialty)

Financial Planning

Chartered Financial Consultant®

(Advanced Financial Planning)


Certification Education

(Financial Planning)


Chartered Advisor for

Senior Living®

(Retirement Income Education)


Financial Services Specialist

(Financial Services Basics)


Chartered Advisor

in Philanthropy®



Retirement Income

Certified Professional

(Retirement Income)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Management

(Executive Leadership)


Master of Science in

Financial Services

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