Markets are in turmoil and then stabilize; life sales for many companies are hitting new peaks while other companies struggle…transparency and accountability are demanded and expected, and clients continue to wonder: what companies can I trust and how will regulatory changes impact my estate? Dr. Larry Barton, our College President, ranked by Insurance Newscast as “One of the 100 Most Powerful People in Insurance” for six years running, will provide a clear and compelling overview of the financial sector, the realities of a new Washington, and how all of us must adjust to a new normal
  A champion of financial reform long before it was fashionable; David Walker served as the nation’s official auditor. You have heard him on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and you have read his cautions in The Wall Street Journal. His testimony before Congress is bipartisan and without peer. No on understands what lies ahead for Social Security, 401k changes, Medicare and Medicaid more than David Walker. Don’t miss a presentation that you can leverage in your agency and client presentations. Click here to view state CE credit
  Serious disability will strike one in three clients in their lifetime, but many of us do not realize the incredible changes underway in the disability income market. The need and case for insurance will be outlined by one of the nation’s top DI producers, Tom Petersen. Then you will hear one of the most troubling yet inspiring stories you will ever hear, from Jason S. Early, who was severely injured in an airplane accident several years ago…and that’s just the beginning of the story. Click here to view state CE credit
  Failing to understand Generation X and Y places your practice in peril. Their work ethic, passions and values may be in alignment with yours, but you won’t be able to maximize their productivity if you don’t listen. Four dynamic and successful young producers, Hunter Gimbel; Tyler Huston, Monica Pedano, and Eric Snyder, will discuss social networking as prospect tool, what they think about working for us, the kinds of rewards they seek, and much more. Click here to view state CE credit
  Years before bailouts and financial reform, financial journalist Stuart Varney was warning the nation that financial disaster was inevitable because of a lack of restraint on spending and aggressive cost cutting. Not a “doom and gloom” presenter, you will hear a candid, direct assessment of our financial system and specific steps that must be taken to ensure that clients are not at risk – even if systems fail.
  America’s leading authority on customer satisfaction, Lisa Ford, shares her “secret sauce” of building and keeping client loyalty in a financial services sector that is increasingly fragmented. If you believe that it’s “back to basics” on listening to client needs, you will want to hear her specific insight on success stories from those companies that are building market share, right now, in this economy. Click here to view state CE credit
  Every agency leader has an exit strategy, but they are often delayed, or face detours. In some cases, the GA’s fail to thik about their successor, client communication, impact on family and the right sequence of transition, including home office relations. This extraordinary panel will feature Daralee Barbera, Sal Farina, Brian Heapps, Gerald Herbison, Richard Liddy and Anthony Mazzei. It will focus on candid, from-the-heart insight on what you need to think about: financial impact, client retention, impact on agents and yes, your reputation.