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Choices for Every Student's Preference

Each professional learns differently. Some like the discipline and schedule of local or live online classes, and others prefer self-paced study with strong support tools. However you want to learn, The American College has a proven educational option for you.

We have three main categories of learning which are available in various combinations for our designation and degree programs. Click on any of these to learn more, or contact a professional education counselor at 888-263-7265 to decide which choice is right for you:

On Your Time: Self Study
Exceptional support tools to match your busy schedule.

The American College's self-study option, known throughout the financial services industry for flexibility, the best textbooks, and strong results, is available for all of our core professional designation programs, including:

  • CFP® certification education
  • CLU® insurance specialty
  • ChFC® advanced financial planning

Self-study is also available for many courses in our popular MSFS master's degree (including the three CAP® philanthropy designation courses) and for our CLF® leadership program. In the master's and CLF® tracks there is also a residency component to complete.


How does self-study work at The American College?
(Some of our most popular programs are now offered as packages, allowing you to enroll in all of the courses you need at one time for a discounted price. If you're interested in a package, call a professional education counselor at 888-263-7265 to discuss your options.)

  1. Choose the designation or certification program you want to pursue. Each will consist of a number of courses, some or all of which are required (some programs also include electives). These are college-level courses, and they require work and preparation to complete successfully. When you sign up, you'll receive an exam ticket window during which you'll need to schedule your proctored exam at a convenient local testing center.
  2. All the study material you need is included. Shortly after you register for your course, you will receive your textbooks and study material in the mail. You'll also get access to The American College's Online Learning Center. Start by exploring all the online tools we've developed to help you pass your exam: additional reading material, practice tests, audio reviews, video reviews for some courses, a discussion board, and more.
  3. Schedule your exam at a local testing center sometime within your testing window, and do it early so that you can plan your studies accordingly. You'll learn your exam results at the testing center, and you'll get your official grade report back from The College a few days later. If your employer reimburses for the courses you pass, you can apply for reimbursement after you receive your final grade report via email.
  4. Sign up for your next course quickly! Our most successful students leverage their success by moving from one course straight into the next requirement. Those who take this approach are the most likely to complete their chosen program in a timely way.
Online: Live Webinar Classes
Scheduled online classes with exceptional instructors and archived back-ups for your convenience and review.

More students are choosing live webinar classes now for three reasons:

  • The quality instructors are a great help in understanding complex material
  • The discipline of regular classes keeps studying on track
  • Class archives offer the flexibility of repeat viewings

Live webinar classes are available for our leading CFP® Certification education program. Currently requiring seven courses, students often purchase the entire package of seven webinars for one discounted price. Other webinars are offered on a course-by-course basis for a number of our popular designations, including CLU® insurance specialty, ChFC® advanced financial planning, CASL® specialty in senior and retirement planning, RHU® health insurance, CAP® philanthropy and others. View our full roster of live webinar classes here or call a professional education counselor at 888.263.7265 to learn more.

Onsite: Traditional Classrooms
From full classes to intensive review programs that supplement your self-study work, the classroom experience delivers outstanding results.

For the students who have the flexibility to travel or to take time out for a local class, nothing beats a traditional classroom for superior learning. Turning off the cell phone, forgetting about deadlines and emails, and focusing on an outstanding instructor can help you grasp new concepts quickly. We offer several types of classroom experience:

  • Intensive Review Programs (IRPs): Study before you arrive, lock yourself away for a few days for an intensive review of all of the course's topics, then take your exam. These programs are highly popular ways to combine the best of both worlds: self-study and professional review. Find out what courses are currently available here.
Packages and Payments

The most advantageous tuition arrangements The College offers are available to students who enroll in packages -- signing up for all of the required courses in a designation program at one time. This approach allows for meaningful student discounts and makes these valuable educational programs more affordable.


Our most popular plans include:

  1. Complete CFP® certification with all textbooks and a suite of online study resources: $5.180.
  2. CFP® certification education self-study package, with all required materials and study support: $3,990.

For more information or to enroll, contact a professional education counselor at 888.263.7265.

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Many of our popular courses are offered via live, instructor-led classes from your home or office PC. These interactive classes offer a convenient, time-saving way to participate in classes without needing to travel.

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FSCP™ courses designed for students who like structure and face-to-face interaction with moderators and peers. A wide selection of classes is available in U.S. cities from coast to coast.


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