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The Street - One in Three Americans Lack Retirement Savings in a 401(k) or IRA Connecticut Post - Julie Jason: A new meaning to the word ‘fiduciary’ Insurance News Net - Dear Agents: This is Your Life Under ‘Best Interest’ Reverse Mortgage Daily - New Research Shows Retirees Earn Poor Marks for Reverse Mortgage Literacy ThinkAdvisor - Pfau: How to Manage Sequence of Returns Risk With Reverse Mortgages The Wall Street Journal - Fiduciary Q&A: Will the New Rule ‘Bleed Over’ to Nonretirement Accounts? Bankrate - High return investments in traditional or Roth IRA: Find out which one gets the most mileage ThinkAdvisor - Ensuring Retirement Income Lasts a Lifetime Business Insider - Millennials are way more optimistic about the future than Baby Boomers Reverse Mortgage Daily - Most Retirees Don’t Take Reverse Mortgages Seriously for Retirement Forbes - Modern Retirement Income Planning Techniques Fortune - Why the Fed Probably Won’t Raise Rates This Year - A new way, REPAYE, to get out of college debt Huffington Post - A Guide To Retiring Early For People Who Never Thought They Could Investor's Business Daily - What Women Have To Offer As Financial Advisors Forbes - Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage To Purchase A New Home? Financial Buzz - Survey Shows African-Americans are Less in Number in Financial Markets MoneyTalksNews - 4 Ways Car Loans Can Go Wrong and How to Avoid Them Forbes - Replacing Your Mortgage With A Reverse Mortgage Fiduciary News - The Three Best Most Obvious Tips Retirement Savers Too Often Ignore U.S News and World Report - 5 Reasons to Avoid Penny Stocks at All Costs Forbes - How Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, and Kasich Would Fix Social Security ThinkAdvisor - Putting Millennials’ Finances Into Focus
Bloomberg - Interview With Robert Johnson: Masters in Business Kenosha News - When work is done: How to pick a place to retire Main Street - A Third of Americans Lack Retirement Savings in a 401(k) or IRA The Street - Retirees Are Opting to Rent Homes Likes Millennials Insurance News Net - Are Target-Date Funds Missing The Mark? National Ledger - Retirement Housing Choices - Should Retirees Rent or Buy? Investopedia - Family Finances: Compare Your Family to This Study Forbes - What Is A Safety-First Retirement Plan? Insurance News Net - Washington Ends File and Suspend Strategy The Wall Street Journal - Fiduciary Q&A: Must Conflicts Be Avoided or Just Disclosed? - Note From The Editor: May 2016 Rockford Register Star - My View: Transforming a community through financial literacy Forbes - What Can You Use A Reverse Mortgage For? Time Money - How to Retire Well No Matter What Happens in the Market Author's Promoter - Book Interview: Invest with the Fed MarketWatch - 4 changes that will ensure Social Security survives The Street - Consumers Can Refinance Loans Since the Fed Will Not Raise Rates in March CNBC - The worst Fed idea yet The Street - Why You Should Look to Losing Stocks for a Winning Investment Strategy Forbes - How To Calculate A Reverse Mortgage Reverse Mortgage Daily - Forbes Explores Reverse Mortgage Repayment, Tax Implications The Reverse Review - Feature: The Facts About Long-Term Care USA Today - Why candidates need to care about Social Security Reverse Mortgage Daily - Advisers Get Crash Course on Reverse Mortgage Financial Planning Strategies Forbes - 3 Little-Known Alternatives To Long-Term Care Insurance

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