Financial Education for Securities, Banking, & Insurance Professionals.

Kevin M. Lynch, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RHU®,
The "Secret" of Success, in the LUTC Program

What is the "Secret" of Success of the LUTC Program?
In a word: Moderators.

For as long as there has been an LUTC Program, there have been moderators who have given of their time and talents to give back to the industry that has provided them with their livelihood. For the past sixty-three years, there have been men and women dedicated to passing on the knowledge they have gained as insurance and financial services professionals to the next generation.

Why do they do it? When asked "Why?" they respond with answers including, "I just wanted to give back." Or "I remember how important LUTC Classes were to me when I started out." Or "LUTC Classes are the best courses I ever took in my career. Without them, I would never have made it." If you asked 100 moderators "Why?" you would get 100 different answers but there would be themes running throughout those 100 answers. Those themes would include Service, Dedication, Belief in Life Insurance, Caring about Others, Loyalty, Professionalism and most important, Giving Back.

In the LUTCF program, there are a series of Sales Planning Projects and Action Projects that are completed during the 8 weeks of class. The value of each class is two pronged; first you are "taught" by one another, not a teacher, and secondly, your moderator is an experienced, successful industry professional. The combination of these two facets of each week's class is where the magic happens. You learn from fellow students and a person who cares mentors you about your success. It is not uncommon for class members to stay in contact with one another after the classes end nor is it a rare occurrence for you to keep in contact with your moderator for years to come.

From a personal perspective, my first LUTC Course was FA 201, Exploring Personal Markets. I took the class in the Spring of 1999. My moderator was Dan Smith, a State Farm Agent from Dallas, TX. I spoke with Dan 5-6 times a year from 1999 until 2009, when he passed away. He was a credit to the industry, to State Farm and to himself. Dan taught me that the best way to learn something in this industry is to be responsible for teaching it. Whenever I have the privilege of teaching one of the LUTC courses, I dedicate my efforts to his memory.

Over the years I have completed over a dozen professional designation programs. The last program I finished, in 2009, should have been my first. That last program was my LUTCF program. I wonder today how much more successful I could have been, earlier on, had I had the sales training to go along with the massive amount of technical education I had acquired over the decade plus I spent in insurance and financial services.

Like many of those who have given of their time to serve as a Moderator for the LUTC Program, I was motivated primarily by the desire to give to others the gift that meant so much to me, the skills and knowledge that is only available through participation as a student, and then as a Moderator, of the LUTC Program.

If you think now might be the time for you to join the ranks of those brave souls who step up and offer themselves to serving others in the life and financial services industry, we welcome you. Contact The American College to become an online moderator or your local NAIFA Association and let the LUTC Chairman know of your interest. He or she will help you do what is necessary to moderate one of the LUTC classes in your area.

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