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December 2011

From Success to Significance
Become a Local Philanthropic Leader

Get Control of the Big Cases
Philanthropy is good for the client, the client’s family, and for the community. But is it good for your business? Yes! We are hearing success stories from all over the country, saying that CAP® (Chartered Advisory in Philanthropy®) has revolutionized the way agents open, and get control of, big cases.

Typically, a CAP® trained advisor will open a conversation by asking what the client or donor wants — not just needs, but also aspirations:

  • Where do you want to have an impact?
  • What do you want to change or preserve in the world?
  • If your family had a crest what would be the motto?

Such questions build rapport, and show empathy for the ideals that animate many wealthy people. Once clients open up about what they want to accomplish, it is easy to find the gaps between what they have and what they aspire to be, become, and do. This leads into standard estate planning, financial planning, business transition planning, or legacy planning process. Sales, often very large sales, result. Insurance is placed for wealth transfer, to amplify an estate, replace a gift, or provide liquidity. Investments are sold in tools like foundations, donor advised funds, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. Perhaps most important of all, a family has gone from success to significance — and referrals soon follow to other high wealth families.

The Credential is Taking Off
“Enrollment in the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® program (CAP®) is rising rapidly. In particular, leaders in philanthropic advising and in nonprofit gift planning are joining in their local communities to study CAP® together. We call this a Philanthropy Exchange. The goal is to get a credential, but more importantly to bring the disciplines together to better serve donors and clients in their philanthropy”, says Phil Cubeta, MSFS, CAP®, ChFC®, CLU® ,Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at The American College.

How You can Get Involved
The most common profiles for a CAP® student are either a rising star with access to wealthy clients, or a veteran agent, often with 20 or more years of service, whose clients are asking, “What comes next? What comes after being very successful? How can I share my good fortune? How can I have an impact for the better on my community?” CAP® also attracts gift planning officers from charities and communities foundations, as well as attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers, and others who work with the wealthy.

Email maryann.roselle@theamericancollege for more information.

You Don't Have to Take a 7th CFP® Certification Course IF YOU TAKE ACTION NOW!

Beginning in 2012, CFP Board is requiring a rigorous new case-study course with extensive oral and written plan presentation requirements. However, if you start your program this year, you will earn a permanent exemption from that additional course.

You may always choose to take the course in the future to better prepare for CFP Board’s exam, but signing up for a CFP® certification course or package will keep your options open.

Even if you’re in another designation program now, why not go ahead and lock in your exemption from the new case-design course that will be required for anyone starting a CFP® program in the future? By taking a few simple steps now, you can continue your current designation program and still preserve your status permanently as having started your CFP® program before the deadline of 12/31/11.

Call a counselor now to learn what you need to do to protect your options.

Or, lock in your exemption now by signing up for one of these upcoming Webinar classes, starting in December.


Course # Start Date End Date Take Exam by
HS 300 12/29/2011 1/24/2012 3/31/2012
HS 311 2/2/2012 2/28/2012 3/31/2012
HS 321 3/20/2012 4/12/2012 6/30/2012
HS 330 5/1/2012 5/24/2012 6/30/2012
HS 326 6/5/2012 6/28/2012 9/30/2012
HS 328 7/10/2012 8/2/2012 9/30/2012

For more information, visit:

Dr. Barton On Fox:
Can Merkel Keep The Eurozone Together?

On Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Larry Barton, CAP®, President and Director of the Northwestern Mutual Granum Center for Financial Security at The American College, sat with Diane Macedo of Fox News to discuss the possible outcome of the Eurozone Summit to be held this Friday. To hear his thoughts on the economic outlook for Europe and Secretary Geitner, please click below:

Are You Prepared to Answer Client’s Questions About Healthcare Reform?
The ChHC™ designation is an industry-first

With the pending Supreme Court ruling, healthcare reform education is more important than ever. Advisors who understand the practical implications of healthcare reform and how to move to a consulting-based practice will win in this environment. With The American College’s Chartered Healthcare Consultant™ program, we’re putting this information directly in your hands, and keeping you up to date. The ChHC™ offers the practical, relevant information you will need to be able to help your clients understand the latest in reform legislation, and what it means for them.

Two of the required courses are only delivered in the innovative, 10-week live webinar format, starting in January.

Essentials of Healthcare Reform (HS 345):
All of the practical basics, timelines, terminology, and overview of how the new laws will impact you and your clients. Includes free course updates for a year.
Next Webinar Start: January 17th, at 2pm EST

The Healthcare Consultant (HS 346):
The “how to” in creating a vibrant healthcare consulting practice under the new legal and regulatory landscape.
Next Webinar Start: January 19th, at 2pm EST

These courses sell out QUICKLY, and registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis!

Last chance for introductory pricing!
Save more than $150
if you act now!

To register, call 888.795.6306

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Professor Mary Quist-Newins Wins Woman of the Year Award from WIFS

“Mary is an advanced thinker [and] an advocate to help all advisors understand the importance of supporting women and their need for savings and retirement income. While many express passing interest in the subject, Mary is a driver who embeds data and case studies to illustrate the reality-based needs of women at all stages of the economic and demographic ladders.”
— Dr. Larry Barton, CAP®

During her twenty-year career in financial services, Ms. Quist-Newins achieved success as both a field producer and a corporate leader. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The American College and its female-centered initiatives. She has the distinction of being the Director of the State Farm® Center for Women and Financial Services and holding the research chair of the same name. These positions represent the first and only academic initiatives devoted exclusively to the study of the economic issues and opportunities of American women, as both consumers and providers of financial products and services. In these dual roles, she works to increase The College's understanding of women's financially related expectations, attitudes, and actions.

Since the State Farm® Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College was established in early 2011, Mary’s leadership has brought the mission of the Center into action. Under Mary’s leadership, the Center has accomplished all of the following activities in 2011:

  • Co-sponsoring the inaugural “Women of The American College: Leadership through Learning” recognition breakfast with the Alumni Association of The American College at the 2011 Knowledge Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the academic achievements of women in financial services.
  • Fielding the Center’s first statistically valid and actionable consumer research study with analysis and results to be published later this year.
  • Promoting awareness of women’s issues within the industry including, speaking engagements for State Farm®, Women in Insurance and Financial Services, the Conference for African American Financial Professionals, and Women in Insurance Leadership. She has also written a number of scholarly and insightful articles in The Wealth Channel Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine and GAMA International Journal.
  • Launching
  • Planning the 2012 Women’s Leadership Academy Summit. The Summit will feature dynamic speakers, academically rigorous content, community building, workshop sessions and a panel discussion on leadership best practices. Attendees will also receive the opportunity to earn 3 credits toward their CLF® (Chartered Leadership Fellow) designation.
Professor Quist-Newins has an unrivaled passion for promoting the advancement and financial well-being of women, which is revealed through her tireless efforts.

Save the Date! The Women's Leadership Academy Summit is Fast Approaching

Mark your calendars for the 2012 Women's Leadership Academy Summit, which will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 — Friday, February 24, 2012 at the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas.

The theme for this groundbreaking event will be Transformational Leadership: The Female Advantage.

The 2012 Women's Leadership Academy Summit will feature:

  • The opportunity to earn 3 credits toward your CLF®
    (Chartered Leadership Fellow) designation
  • Academically rigorous content, workshops and discussions
  • Community building with female industry leaders
  • Dynamic remarks from inspirational keynote speakers
  • A panel of industry experts discussing leadership best practices

Don't miss this transformational
leadership opportunity!

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This event is powered by the State Farm® Center for Women & Financial Services at The American College.

Alumnus of the Month
Mike Scovel, MSM, CLU®, ChFC®

Senior Vice President of the West Central Zone, New York Life

Mike began his New York Life career at the age of 22 in the Central California General Office. As an agent he always had a high case rate and qualified for MDRT. In 1996, at the age of 24, Mike was promoted to Partner.

He was promoted to Managing Partner of the Stockton General Office in 1999. It was one of the fastest growing offices in the company – from the 90th to the 23rd largest office in 5 years. The new organization in the office grew an average of 75% a year in production in that same time period.

Mike was promoted to the Illinois General Office Oct 1st, 2005. In the 3 years in the Illinois GO, the office promoted 11 partners and had a bench of 6 that completed the MOP to continue its rapid growth. The case rate in Illinois was up dramatically and the retention was one of the best in the country. The office 1st and 2nd prior were both over 40%.

Mike was promoted to Senior Vice President of the West Central Zone on January 1, 2009. The West Central Zone won the 2009 Zone Award of Excellence!

Mike has helped to strengthen the Alumni Association through his role on the Alumni Board. For the College's first alumni tour event this year in Dallas, Mike helped to bring in over 75 colleagues to attend the educational and networking opportunity.

For Mike's dedication to the industry, education, and his community, The American College is proud to honor Mike as the Alumnus of the Month for December 2011. is new, have you seen it?
The Wealth Channel relaunched Wealth Today on November 1, 2011 to great reviews.

In addition to the site’s streamlined appearance, improved navigation, and new video player, has given its daily news show, Wealth Today, a makeover!

At Wealth Today, we’ve changed our look and refocused on condensed timely, relevant and engaging stories. Familiar face Kevin Lynch, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, RHU®, REBC®, CASL®, CAP®, LUTCF is joined by Wealth Channel Associate Producer, Katy O’Leary to host the daily update.

Each show will feature 2-4 stories focusing on the Financial Services industry news, events, research and commentary in a quick 2-minute video.

The Wealth Channel is expanding our social network! Now, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group.

Fresh LUTCF Online Offerings

Many of our popular LUTCF and FSS courses are offered via live, instructor-led webinar classes from your home or office PC! These interactive classes offer a convenient, timesaving way to participate in classes without needing to travel.

Upcoming class schedule:

Essentials of Business Insurance (FA 251W)
Starts: 12/15/2011
Ends: 02/02/2012

Techniques for Prospecting (FA 200W)
Starts: 12/19/2011
Ends: 02/06/2012

Foundations of Retirement Planning (FA 261W)
Starts: 01/16/2012
Ends: 03/05/2012

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