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ChHC Chartered Healthcare Consultant
Real-Life Perspective on How the ChHC® Program Can Help Advisors in Their Practices

Adam Beck, Assistant Professor of Health Insurance, asked his students questions to learn how the information he's teaching translates to the real-life situations they face every day. He explains, "For me, hearing from students in the field is as important as any academic research I conduct. The best-laid plans and policies that make sense on paper don't always conform to the realities that financial professionals face in the real world. When I get feedback, I not only learn a great deal myself, but it allows me to adjust a course to better teach to the reality."

Adam Beck Adam teaches HS 345 Healthcare Reform for Employers and Advisors – part of the Chartered Healthcare Consultant® (ChHC®) designation created to address the gaps in knowledge advisors may have on Healthcare today and the laws of the Affordable Care Act. Kevin Davis, Advisor of Employee Benefits at Lacher & Associates, shares his reactions to the course and the designation program:

"From the HS 345 class, I was able to calculate the affordability of plans, explain the purpose and intentions of the ACA requirements, and advise clients on how to best meet those requirements."

"The material that addressed the role of agents and brokers post-ACA was the most beneficial topic for me," says Kevin. "In particular, there was practical discussion about how my role as an employee benefits advisor has transformed from that of a traditional agent, to that of a consultant advising my client in a number of areas. Those areas include exchanges, funding alternatives, coordination and integration of benefits, implementing cost-saving measures, assisting with detailed enrollment issues and requirements, familiarity with laws and regulatory guidelines, and providing ongoing assistance with compliance."

Kevin concludes: "Whether you are involved in the employee benefits field as a benefits advisor, an insurance carrier representative or a Human Resources or Benefits manager, I would recommend the material in the ChHC® curriculum to become more well-rounded and educated on the most current laws of healthcare today."

Visit the ChHC® program online for more details and to register.


Advisors: Put Your Mask on First Before Assisting Others

Written By: Anthony Boquet (Tony), CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CLF®, LUTCF
Vice President
The American College

The airplane sits idling on the tarmac just feet beyond the exit ramp. "Should we experience a decrease in cabin pressure, four oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling compartment in front of you. Please secure your own mask before assisting others." Anyone who has traveled by air has heard the flight attendants' safety presentation.

"Put your mask on first before assisting others." Why do you think that is so important? Well, if you become deficient of oxygen for long enough, you will pass out and be unable to help anyone, indirectly causing harm to those you wanted to help. Through the years, I have come across many clients and fellow employees whose current advisor or manager could not satisfy their "oxygen" needs.

Starting my sales career at the ripe age of 21, within the first couple of years, I came to the realization that I was not making the sales I should be making. Always being the humble one, at least in my own mind, I never imagined the problem to be something I was or wasn't doing that caused this problem. A few years later, with all the infinite wisdom that a 23-year-old could possess, I decided to grow a beard to make myself look older and wiser. After three weeks of not shaving, my mentor called me into his office and asked if my razor was broken. I quickly and proudly explained my plan to him. After an inordinate amount of laughter on his part, he made a statement that changed my life, the lives of all my clients and people who reported to me. Henry Mattason, CLU® proclaimed, "son, you cannot make yourself older than you are, but you can make yourself smarter than your competition." Right then he reached for the phone and enrolled me in the Chartered Life Underwriter® designation program through The American College.

At the time, Henry saw something in this impetuous young man that I did not see in myself. He was my assistant on the plane, already wearing his oxygen mask, which was the CLU® credential proudly inscribed on his business card. Because I could see Henry's mask, I knew how important it was that I follow his guidance; it put my mind at ease. He passed along education in the form of oxygen flowing through the mask.

Henry has long since retired, but is still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope I have been able to carry on in his footsteps and in a manner he would be proud. I don't think I can ever stop learning because education is the oxygen, and my designations are the mask needed to be able to assist others. So, the next time you take a trip by airplane, and the flight attendant pulls out the oxygen mask, ask yourself "do I have a professional oxygen mask that provides me with the air I need to be the best I can be to those I serve?" Conversely, if you really think you don't need one, then I challenge you to give your prospective clients the choice over which advisor would be better equipped to handle their needs. Time after time, they will trust the wisdom and advice of the advisor with the most education.

To listen to Tony discuss opportunities for our veterans, as well as programs The College has available for them, listen to his recent Podcast on ShiftShapers.

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Analyst Success, the simply more effective way to study for your CFA® exams, is now offering study packages to prepare students for the Level I exam in December. Stay tuned for details on our Level II and III offerings as they become available.

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ChFC - Chartered Financial Consultant
ChFC® - Advanced Financial Planning for Today's Advisor
Important changes are on the horizon for the most advanced designation for financial planners – the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®). Be on the lookout for a replacement for our current electives: two new required courses that address the practical applications advisors need in order to be the most well-rounded and effective planner for every client. The revamped curriculum goes live this July, so stay tuned for more details…
Wealth Channel
Be sure to read the Spring 2014 issue of The Wealth Channel® Magazine.

The focus of this issue is on meeting the needs of the small business owner – with articles that deal with...

  • The impact of the new healthcare funding taxes on business owners
  • Avoiding major pitfalls in getting the family business ready to sell
  • Intricacies of communication within a family-owned business
  • Uses of life insurance for small business owners
  • How to build value in your agency
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FSCP - Financial Services Certified Professional
New Courses Added to the FSCP Curriculum!
As of April 1st, two courses have been added to the cutting-edge FSCP™ program. Financial Services for Women (FP 47) prepares financial services professionals to meet the specific needs of their female clients, as well as addresses the psychology behind their choices.

Essentials of Life Insurance 2 (FP 52) provides the student with an understanding of the tax implications of life insurance, providing an overview of the use of illustration in life insurance selling, as well as an understanding of the similarities and differences between various types of permanent insurance.

The American College strives to bring you the most current material, important to your practice today.

Learn in a short, interactive self-study format in the NEW modular delivery.

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Erica Takach
Alumna of The Month – May 2014
Erica Takach, LUTCF
The Alumna of the Month for May 2014 is Erica Takach, LUTCF. Click below to read more about her experience and impact on the industry.

Congratulations, Erica!
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