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Financial Education for Securities, Banking, & Insurance Professionals.

Instructions/Procedures for Examinations on Demand®

1. Review identification data on the ticket
If the name, address, and course information are incorrect, report the issue to The American College at 888-263-7265. DO NOT make a testing appointment. When you test, the information on your identification (photo ID, etc.) must match the information on the EOD® ticket. Wait until you receive a revised copy of your EOD® ticket to proceed.
2. Inform The College of any special needs you have
If you require special needs under ADA, or if English is your second language, The College can make special arrangements. You are required to send a written request at least 2 weeks prior to calling to schedule your appointment. You may send your written request to Examination Systems, The American College, 270 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 or fax it to 610-526-1414. Once you receive approval from The American College, you may call to schedule your exam appointment. Make sure you inform VUE of the approved special accommodation each time you make an examination appointment.
3. Schedule an exam at Pearson VUE, the sole provider of Examinations on Demand® (EOD®) computer-based testing for The American College.
When should I make an appointment for my exam?
  • For current exam window, register NOW. If you wait, you may not secure your desired exam date.
  • Remember that the busiest times for testing are the last 2 weeks of the testing window. If possible, make an appointment during the first 2 months of the testing window.
  • Your exam must be taken before the expiration date on this ticket.
How do I schedule my exam?
  • U.S. exam centers: Call 866-392-6822
  • Foreign exam centers: Visit for locations and telephone numbers
  • Online exam scheduling: for both U.S. and foreign centers
  • Information required for registering: Name, student ID#, and exam series number shown at the top of this EOD® ticket
What centers should I select for my exam?
For the highest level of exam delivery, ask if there is a Pearson Professional Testing Center (PPC) in your area. PPCs are owned and operated by Pearson VUE. The other testing centers, VUE Authorized centers, are independently owned and operated in over 130 countries.
What if I need to reschedule my exam?
  • When rescheduling an appointment, cancel your original appointment, or you will be charged with a no-show.
  • Scheduled appointments must be canceled by 7 pm Central time on the business day before the appointment.
  • Do not leave voicemail messages when canceling and/or rescheduling appointments.
  • Refer to your appointment confirmation number.
What if I cannot take my exam during the testing window provided?
Your enrollment is ONLY valid during the exam window provided on your EOD ticket. To change your exam window, contact the Professional Education at 888-263-7265 before the expiration date of your enrollment. There is a $125 fee for the registration change.
4. Write down and keep your exam scheduling confirmation number and center information.
There may be multiple test centers in your area, so make sure you confirm the test center location you want. You will be given a confirmation number that you should retain and take with you to the exam center on test day.
5. Go to your scheduled exam center at the appointed time.
When should I get to the exam center?
Allow plenty of time to arrive at the center, park, etc. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late or who miss an appointment will be billed $100.
Do I need to take ID to the exam?
Yes. Bring one form of valid personal “primary” identification bearing your photo and/or physical description such as driver’s license, passport, employee ID card etc. If you do not have proper ID, contact the Professional Education Department before the testing date. You will NOT be permitted to take the exam without proper ID.
Should I bring a calculator?
You may bring one non-printing, non-alphanumeric, battery-operated, hand-held calculator with an internal rate of return function to The College's examinations (e.g., HP-12C and HP-10B). Calculators with alphabetic keys will not be permitted, nor will cell phones, PDAs, and similar devices. Exam centers are not required to provide calculators.
Will someone show me how to operate the computer to take the exam?
Before starting your exam, you will be given instructions on how to use the mouse or keyboard to record your answers. The time devoted to this introductory lesson does not count against your allotted test time.
6. Take the exam.
How long is the exam?
EOD® exams have a two-hour time limit.
How is the exam structured?
EOD® exams have objective questions. With the exception of HS332 and some graduate courses, most exams are 100 questions long. The exam will be given one question at a time, with the entire question on one screen. The body (stem) of the question is followed by four possible answers, one of which is correct. You select your answer and record it before moving on to the next item. If you are not completely sure of your response, you have the ability to select an answer and mark it for later review, but you must record an answer before viewing the next question. The exam system also shows which question you are currently working on, as well as the remaining time in your session. This feature lets you gauge your progress to leave time at the end for review. All EOD® exams allow use of a mouse or the keyboard to record your answers.
What if I have trouble with the computer at the testing center?
If you notice any malfunction with your computer, notify the testing center administrator immediately. Normally, any difficulty you encounter while taking an exam can be corrected quickly. During a system malfunction, you are required to wait at the center for up to 30 minutes. If you are unable to complete your exam due to a system malfunction that lasts more than 30 minutes, you are re-enrolled at no charge and must make an appointment for a new exam. Notify the center of equipment or other problems BEFORE you complete your exam AND receive an incident number in order to be eligible for a refund.
Will I know when I complete the exam if I have passed or failed?
Yes. At the end of the allowed testing time or when you voluntarily terminate your examination, a pass/fail grade and a summary of your performance by assignment are displayed on the computer and a printed copy will also be available before you leave the exam center. Please retain this report for your records.
Is the report I get from the exam center my official grade report?
No. An official grade report will be emailed to you by The American College within a week after taking the exam.
What recourse do I have if I fail the exam?
If you are unsuccessful in your attempt, The College permits you to retake an exam for a fee. You must wait at least TWO business days before re-registering for the exam. Students have up to one year from their original registration date to pay the reschedule fee and take their final exam. Full fee registration is required after this time or date.

IMPORTANT: College rules require that a student who fails the same Huebner School course three (3) times must wait a minimum of six (6) months from the time of the third failure before taking the exam again. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Exam Counseling is available for students who are unsuccessful in their exam attempt(s). Please call the office of Professional Education at 888-263-7265 for assistance.

Important Continuing Education Information

Will I receive CE credit for passing this course?

If you requested CE credit, provided your state license number, and paid the state CE processing fee when you registered, you will receive CE credit.

What if I declined CE when I registered for the course or am not sure if I requested it?

Please contact a Professional Education counselor at 888-263-7265, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm Eastern time to confirm that CE is requested or to request CE and pay appropriate fees. When CE has been declined, completion of the course will not be reported to the state and CE certificates will not be issued to the student. Also, when a student is late in requesting that CE be filed and the state charges a late processing fee as a result, that fee will be passed on to the student.

What if I am not sure I will need the CE credit?

We encourage you to request CE even if you do not currently anticipate a need. States have become more strict with time limits for banking credits, and postponing your request can adversely affect timely reporting of CE credits and renewing your license.


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