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For more than eight decades The American College has provided financial professionals with the education they need to succeed. Holders of CLU® and ChFC® -- highest standard of knowledge and trust—earn up to 51% more than advisors without these credentials, and students taking our sales skills courses can see 40% higher production while they’re still in the classes!

Students begin programs at The College by enrolling as a new student. Then you may either register for a package of courses to earn a designation, which represents the best overall value, or register for one course at a time as you pursue a particular designation, certificate, or degree.

Every time you purchase a course, you’ll receive all of the materials you need to succeed on the course exam. Textbooks and other study material will be shipped to you. You’ll also receive login information for The College’s Online Learning Center, where you can access practice exams, discussion boards, audio reviews, and additional learning resources.

Professional education is an ongoing, career-long endeavor, and sometimes you may want assistance in deciding which program best suits your business needs. We have a full staff of experienced professional education counselors to help. You can reach those counselors by calling 888.263.7265, or review the descriptions in Which Program Is for You to learn more.

Our most successful students do four things:

  1. They immediately log in and explore The College’s Online Learning Center after registering for a course. The additional section questions, audio reviews, video clips, discussion boards, and, most importantly, practice tests – all are designed specifically to help you master the material and pass the course exam.

  2. They study. Students everywhere would be excited if there were a shortcut for hard work and doing the course reading, but don’t believe those who tell you there’s a trick to passing the course exams. The students who allow adequate time to work through all of the assignments are the ones who succeed.

  3. They ask for help when they need it. Through the discussion boards available in The College’s Online Learning Center, students can interact with some of the foremost experts on the subject matter they are studying. For some courses live webinar classes are also available. In addition, there are often mentors from among a student’s professional colleagues who can help explain challenging sections of the material.

  4. They move with discipline from each course to the next. The time to register for your next course is immediately after you’ve passed your exam. Students who take that important next step every time reach their goals and earn their credentials sooner.


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Programs of Study
Centers of

Insurance Education

Registered Health Underwriter®

(Health Insurance)


Chartered Healthcare Consultant®

(Healthcare Specialty)


Registered Employee

Benefits Consultant

(Employee Benefits)


Chartered Leadership Fellow®

(Field or Agency Leadership)


Life Underwriter Training

Council Fellow

(Insurance Skills)


Chartered Life Underwriter®

(Insurance Specialty)

Financial Planning

Chartered Financial Consultant®

(Advanced Financial Planning)


Certification Education

(Financial Planning)


Chartered Advisor for

Senior Living®

(Retirement Income Education)


Financial Services Specialist

(Financial Services Basics)


Chartered Advisor

in Philanthropy®



Retirement Income

Certified Professional

(Retirement Income)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Management

(Executive Leadership)


Master of Science in

Financial Services

(Advanced Financial Planning)