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What You Can Expect as an Attendee of the 2013 Women's Leadership Academy Summit


As part of the Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF®) coursework, education is the foundation of the Women's Leadership Academy Summit. The Charter Leadership Fellow (CLF®) program provides financial service leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to increase personal effectiveness and achieve key organizational goals. Through proven curriculum and instructional approach, Summit participants will study HS 383 -- Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace. The course features characteristics and disciplines of high-performance teams, how to value and manage diversity in productive ways, and how to improve team results.

Some key elements the Summit and HS 383 course instruction will cover include are:

  • The power of motivation
  • Increasing leadership effectiveness
  • Generating strong team results
  • Managing individual and team performance
  • Understanding and dealing with difficult individuals
  • Challenges of technology in communications
  • Recruiting and retaining top performers
  • Leading diverse teams


The Summit lends itself to fostering a community where female leaders support and empower one another. WLA Summit attendees establish study partners with whom they can complete the CLF program, and exchange practical tips and methods to take with them back to their offices. When asked to "tell us what you liked best about the 2012 Women’s Leadership Academy Summit," post-summit survey respondents stated that the networking opportunity was at the top of the list.