Cleary Act Disclosure

Cleary Act Disclosure

A message on campus safety.

Although we are not a residential institution and we have no on-campus housing, we believe it is important to comply with the spirit of The Cleary Act so that an accounting of crime on our campus, owned by The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, is shared with current and prospective students.

  • The College’s Campus Security Policy describes the procedures for students and others to report criminal actions or other emergencies that may occur on campus and policies concerning the institution's response to such reports. The College makes all employees aware of safety reminders during orientation and throughout their employment.
  • All of The College’s residency operations are housed in one building that has a formal reception desk at the main entrance. All guests must register at the reception desk, where they will be given Guest ID badges to wear while on campus. Doors are locked and secure, and access is only available with an electronic sensor device.
  • All employees and visitors may call 8-911 from any campus phone for immediate access to local police.
  • Our Human Resources team strongly encourages College staff and guests to immediately report all campus safety or security concerns to a member of the HR staff, and any employee or guest may contact 8-911 at any time for emergency assistance. A phone that is properly marked exists outside the facility for off-hours contact to local police.
  • A comprehensive Crisis Management Plan is maintained by the HR Department.
  • Maintenance operations are conducted by an external third party governed by the owner of the campus.

Over the past three (3) years, the following on-campus criminal offenses have been reported to College staff or local police agencies:

(I) murder: None

(II) sex offenses, forcible or non-forcible: None

(III) robbery: None

(IV) aggravated assault: None

(V) burglary: None

(VI) motor vehicle theft: None

(VII) manslaughter: None

(VIII) arson: None

(IX) arrests or persons referred for campus disciplinary action for liquor law violations, drug-related violations, and weapons possession: None


For more information, contact:

Chad Patrizi

Executive Vice President

The American College of Financial Services, 630 Allendale Road, Suite 400, King of Prussia, PA, 19406.

Phone: 610-526-1000

For help with all other issues, please contact Professional Education Services at 888-263-7265.