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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

To underscore the importance of maintaining ethical standards in financial services, the Board of Trustees of The American College of Financial Services adopted a Code of Ethics in 1984. Embodied in the Code are the designees’ Professional Pledge and eight Canons.

The Canons

  1. Conduct yourself at all times with honor and dignity.
  2. Avoid practices that would bring dishonor upon your profession or The American College.
  3. Publicize your achievements in ways that enhance the integrity of your profession.
  4. Continue your studies throughout your working life so as to maintain a high level of professional competence.
  5. Do your utmost to attain a distinguished record of professional service.
  6. Support the established institutions and organizations concerned with the integrity of your profession.
  7. Participate in building your profession by encouraging and providing appropriate assistance to qualified persons pursuing professional studies.
  8. Comply with all laws and regulations, particularly as they relate to professional and business activities.

The Professional Pledge

"In all my professional relationships, I pledge myself to the following rule of ethical conduct: I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself."