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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

The American College of Financial Services

Since 1927, The American College of Financial Services has helped professionals realize their career goals through rigorous and practical education in financial services. Our mission is clear – we are committed to benefitting society by delivering the highest quality education to the professionals entrusted with the public’s financial well-being. That commitment drives us to a focus on student success, relevant course material, and discovering new solutions for financial security.

From the creation of our first financial designation in 1927 — the prestigious Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) insurance specialty — to the recent launch of our groundbreaking Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation, The College’s faculty continue to develop and deliver innovative programs that meet the needs of the changing financial landscape.

Our faculty and Centers of Excellence are comprised of thought leaders whose insights help shape the financial services profession. Please use our website as a valuable resource for current industry news, information on our programs, and up-to-date lectures and webcasts that bring these experts to you. You will find what distinguishes The College from other academic institutions is an unwavering commitment to Pracademics —that’s practical academics — helping advisors master such topics as wealth accumulation, financial planning, philanthropic guidance, and retirement distribution strategies – all with a focus on ethics and professional standards.

Thank you for taking the time to explore The American College of Financial Services and learn more about us. We challenge you to take the next step in your professional development and choose us as your partner in career-long learning.

The mission of The American College of Financial Services: We provide applied financial knowledge and education, promote lifelong learning, and advocate for ethical standards for the benefit of society.

The standard of excellence in providing applied financial knowledge and education through a platform that serves financial professionals, nonprofit and for-profit executive leaders, underserved communities, as well as consumers looking to improve their personal understanding and management of finances and wealth.

We maintain the core values of integrity, respect, accountability, and excellence in all interactions with students, stakeholders, and one another.


We create trust by adhering to strong ethical principles in all that we do.

Integrity in Action:

I conduct myself ethically in the way I do my job and relate to others.

I am a person of my word.

I am transparent and straightforward.

I give credit where credit is due.

I can be depended upon to use sound judgement.

I make sure any product I create or review represents The College’s ethical standards.

I follow through on internal and external commitments, keeping in mind that the integrity of the process is paramount even when it is not in my own best interest.


We cultivate a fair environment by treating each person with equal value, being inclusive and encouraging open dialogue. We listen, we hear, and we empathize.

Respect in Action:

I welcome all opinions, knowing that each person has an important role to play in the success of The College.

I respond to all emails and calls I receive in a timely manner, regardless of a person’s title or position.

I ask other departments and team members to weigh in on decisions and timelines that will affect them early in the planning process.

I approach others with the expectation that they are coming from a place of diligence and good intentions.


We are committed to being dependable and results-oriented while taking ownership of our actions. We leverage our accountability with empowerment.

Accountability in Action:

I support members of my team by being reliable and meeting deadlines.

I acknowledge my mistakes, and I learn from them.

I stay engaged and contribute constructively as The College evolves.

I make informed decisions.

I follow measurable action plans and support team members in their efforts to achieve our goals.


We are passionate about lifelong learning, and provide the highest level of service in all endeavors.

Excellence in Action:

I work with the betterment of society in mind.

I strive to excel in all that I do.

I innovate by taking risks and trying new things.

I continuously develop my skills in order to better myself and my department.

I exhibit a level of detail that is unmatched.

I pursue career opportunities through education programs and work-related, position-specific designations.

I communicate across departments to ensure that all work is completed.

I always put students first.

Our students and designation holders are a direct reflection of The American College of Financial Services. As such we celebrate their successes, and also ask of them to adhere to the highest standards, as laid out by our trustees.