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Developing New Team Member Skills

Developing New Team Member Skills

Gerry Herbison, DBA, ChFC®, CASL®, CFP®, CLF®, Assistant Professor of Management and Leadership Programs Director at The American College of Financial Services, was recently featured in a three-part series with Barron's regarding staffing and focused on the techniques, tricks, and tripwires that are involved in finding and integrating the people who will help your practice grow.

Part three of the series focuses on collective set of skills that your team needs to operate the effectively and how to compare existing skills with the desired set of skills so you can determine who should be doing what. 

Read more about developing new team member in the final installment here.

Part one of Gerry's staffing series focused on finding and selecting new team members, click here to learn more. Part two tackled how to onboard new employees and can be found here.