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Inflation Field Guide: Offensive and Defensive Strategies to Help Combat Inflation

Inflation Field Guide: Offensive and Defensive Strategies to Help Combat Inflation

The American College of Financial Services
January 13, 2022

Since its quick and steady climb in 2021, reaching a November peak of 6.2% not seen since 1982, inflation has been top of mind for financial professionals and their clients. While recent headlines point to a turning tide and the return to more moderate inflation rates in 2022, you must be prepared in these unpredictable times.

Financial professionals need to play offense when combating inflation and clients defense. Offensively, portfolios need to be evaluated to determine if they are adequately diversified and capable of delivering real long-term returns. Meanwhile, clients can benefit from maintaining a defensive position, staying aware of rising prices, and blocking impulsive purchases that can negatively impact their long-term financial planning.

Introducing Your Inflation Field Guide - two resources to help you and your clients navigate inflationary times.

  • Helping Clients Navigate Rising Inflation is a white paper for financial professionals providing insight into portfolio strategies and critical considerations for clients in the accumulation and retirement phases.

  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Dealing with Rising Inflation is a resource designed to be given to clients to help facilitate conversations about inflation and its portfolio impact.

Click here to access both resources now.