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Today’s clients are diverse. To keep your career moving forward, you have to be able to provide financial advice that’s rooted in the fundamentals and yet specialized for modern, individual needs. And to get that level of expertise, you need the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation. Offered through The American College of Financial Services, the ChFC® will significantly up your game with eight powerful courses that deliver comprehensive knowledge on everything from risk-management to retirement planning to serving blended families. Whether you’re in the early stages of your career or want a mid-career boost, the ChFC® will propel you forward.

What Will the ChFC® Teach You?

The ChFC® is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to advise a full range of clients and succeed in the modern financial services landscape. It’s about the big picture and the vital details. Foundational knowledge and specialized skills. In your ChFC® courses, you’ll get access to our new Personal Pathway™ learning model, a flexible, yet structured learning environment that puts you in control. Master topics including personalized financial planning, risk management, income tax strategies, retirement planning, investments, estate planning, behavioral finance, financial planning for families with special needs, and how to best serve non-traditional families and LGBTQ clients. Because each course ends with a test, there is no final exam. And completing the ChFC® courses will fulfill the educational requirements you need to sit for the CFP® exam. It’s just one more way the ChFC® will put you ahead of the game.


“You can get into this groove and feel that you know everything… but as the world and the industry and client needs continue to evolve, getting a designation is a great way to stay fresh.”

When he was growing up, Benjamin James’s parents told him he could be an auto mechanic or a financial advisor because they figured having either of those in the family would be useful. They
were joking, of course. But maybe they were clairvoyant as well.

During Benjamin’s senior year of college, he attended a recruitment event for a financial services company and immediately knew the field was right for him. “I have a great mind for math and money and I love interacting with people,” he says. And, as it turns out, he also knows how to get the most out of his gifts.

Although he held a college degree and seemed made for the financial services profession, Benjamin challenged himself to elevate his skills and his ability to help his clients. That meant earning financial designations. And Benjamin knew that The American College of Financial Services was the best choice out there.

“My experience has been that they have the most organized and straightforward system for studying and test preparation,” he says, noting that, thanks to his education from The College, he’s always felt incredibly prepared for designation exams and has ended up with a lot of knowledge that he can use to improve the services he provides his clients.

Among the designations he’s earned is the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®). He initially considered the designation because its courses aligned so well with the continuing education requirements of CFP® certification, which he had previously earned. But he also knew that the ChFC® would be valuable to him. “It was really about seeking knowledge to be better prepared to help clients,” he says. And he says it was good for his career as well. “If you show that you are dedicated to a long term continuing support, clients feel more comfortable referring you.”

A foundational designation like the ChFC® is, Benjamin believes, vital to being a good financial advisor. “If you intend to be in this business for any period of time,” he says, “then you should invest in your own knowledge. But what’s more important is that you are prepared as possible to help clients.” And that’s true whether or not your parents predicted your profession.

The ChFC® will power-up your skills with vital knowledge and help propel your career to the next level. Now’s the time to get ahead.

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