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Life insurance is a vital part of any financial plan—and it is essential for high net worth clients and business owners. Offering the best solutions for sophisticated clients takes significant expertise in areas that aren’t covered in traditional financial planning education. The Chartered Life Underwriter® provides the deepest education in advanced insurance planning in the profession. Offered since 1927, the CLU® is the gold standard in the industry. Whether you’re looking to jump-start your career or amp-up the services you’re providing your financial clients, the CLU® will give you the power to do more and earn more.

What Will the CLU® Teach You?

As a foundational designation in both the life insurance and financial services fields, the CLU® gives you the skills to advise clients on the full range of life insurance products and strategies. It’s more than comprehensive. It’s empowering. Not only will you be able to expertly guide clients through insurance decisions, you’ll also be able to offer expertise in annuities, risk-management, estate planning, small business succession planning, and the basics of contract law, ownership rights, and other legal matters related to life insurance. Plus, the CLU® program allows you to take specialized courses in financial and/or retirement planning, income taxation,  investments, and working with people with disabilities and/or families caring for loved ones with special needs.

And, you can take select courses in our new Personal Pathway™ learning model, which combines best-in-practice concepts with state-of-the-art technology to put you in control of your learning experience. In short, this is the designation you need to win clients and grow your career.

Tasha Williams, CLU®

"It’s really important that we each know our craft, learn it very well, and continue to learn and grow throughout our career."

How does a career in sports management become a career in financial services? By accident, according to Tasha Williams. But a happy accident, for sure.

After 15 years of working as a financial advisor, Tasha thoroughly loves what she does. “I really appreciate how I can impact and shape a client’s life,” she says, “and get to see them achieve their hopes and dreams.” Nevertheless, she knows she couldn’t serve her clients as well as she does—or have gotten so far in her career—without some help.

Tasha’s education from The American College of Financial Services has made a big difference. In particular, earning The College’s prestigious Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) designation has helped her get ahead.

For one, it gave her a lot of confidence. For another, putting letters behind her name gave her more professional credibility. “Especially as a woman in the financial industry,” she says. “There are a lot of skeptics. [The CLU®] opens a lot more doors and people are more confident in your knowledge base and are more trusting.”

And it’s not just that the designation boosted her confidence and is widely respected. It’s that the education Tasha received made her a better financial advisor, capable of not merely assisting a client on a financial concern but serving as the center of their financial lives. “It gave me the broadest base framework, in terms of knowledge and how I’m talking to my clients,” she says. “It isn’t stuff that I would be learning just through client interactions.”

Thanks to The College’s self-paced and flexible learning options, Tasha was able to earn her CLU® while working full time and helping her husband raise two kids. The College made it convenient, she says. Which is why she’s returned to The College for additional designations, and why she recommends them to others in the financial services industry.

“The American College has the best content that's most relevant to what we do with our clients every day,” she says. “I always encourage my younger peers who are getting into the industry to pursue a designation.”Even if they entered the field by accident.

The CLU® will significantly boost your skills and amplify your earning potential. Start offering clients the life insurance expertise they need.

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