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Provide older adults with the advice they need to prepare for and live in retirement, with the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation from The American College of Financial Services. Increase your value, extend your practice, and boost your reputation by staying at the top of your game.

What Will the RICP® Teach You?

Developed by more than 45 of the nation’s top retirement planning experts, the RICP® will equip you with enough expert knowledge to build comprehensive income plans. Learn the best practices to help your older clients to make better decisions in the areas of Social Security claiming, income tax planning, portfolio withdrawal strategies, Medicare, long-term care planning, and more. It’s a great way to enhance your earning power and grow your business.

Brent Seward, RICP®

“[The RICP®] has provided me extra knowledge & expertise to serve the fastest growing part of our practice.”

Right out of college, Brent Seward went into the financial industry and has never looked back. In fact, he’s spent his career persistently looking forward.

Over the years, his focus on the future led him into jobs that were increasingly satisfying, eventually landing him with Northwestern Mutual, where he feels he can serve his clients and community in the best possible way. And how does he do that? A big part of it is the education he’s gained from The American College of Financial Services.

Because Brent is so future-focused, he recognized the power of financial designations early in his career and has earned them whenever he feels a need to prepare for challenges ahead. And, nowadays, the most pressing challenge is retirement income planning.

“The quickest growing part of our practice are clients who are nearing retirement or in the beginning stages of retirement,” Brent says.  “They are worried about how all of their accounts and assets will work together to provide them the ‘paycheck’ they will need in retirement.” Brent’s solution to this challenge was a smart one. He earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation from The College.

With the knowledge he gained through the RICP® program, he’s now able to ensure his older clients receive the specialized financial advice they need to thrive throughout retirement. “We take great pride in helping them understand how their assets work together to provide them with the income and peace of mind they need,” he says. “The RICP® has given me extra knowledge to assist my clients in this way.”

And The College made earning the RICP® convenient, with its flexible, self-study format that allowed Brent to continue to enjoy the nightly dinners and relaxing weekends that he and his family treasure. For him, The College has been the perfect way to gain career-enhancing expertise while continuing to work and live his life. He recommends all financial advisers—aspiring or established—consider earning designations. “Don’t wait,” he says, “keep learning & honing your skills.”

The RICP® gives you the power to offer more value to clients throughout retirement. Are you ready to level up?

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