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Get Your CLU for Your Clients' Sake

Get Your CLU for Your Clients' Sake

The American College of Financial Services
May 11, 2016

When it comes to pursuing a CLU® designation, some financial advisors may hesitate, because they don't know if it's right for them. However, there is one group that can benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired from this advanced education: your clients. Having your CLU® proves that you have invested in gaining specialized expertise to help them with any life insurance scenario. In fact, here are four key ways The American College of Financial Service's CLU® courses better position you to support your clients.

1: Help them worry less about family

When it comes to the prospect of death, many clients might be more concerned about what will happen to their spouse and other family members that depend on them. Your clients are worried about saddling their families with high funeral costs, crippling debt, while ensuring ongoing income to provide for the family after death. The American College of Financial Service's CLU® courses help you navigate wills, trusts, asset management, and everything else you need to put your clients' minds at ease.

2: Help them with the fine print

An understandable concern many clients have about their life insurance is that they don't understand the "fine print." Complex rules and dense wording cause confusion, leaving your clients wondering about whether their premiums will vary down the line, what is (and is not) guaranteed, and even how renewing their policy works. Making the CLU® part of your continuing education gives you the wealth of knowledge to better understand every aspect of life insurance so you can explain it in layman terms to your clients.

3: Help them understand their options

Similar to their confusion about the fine print, many clients' heads spin when they contemplate all of the different life insurance options. In particular, they may not know how to choose between term life, permanent life, whole life, variable life, and universal life insurance. Obviously, the choice they make may impact them for the rest of their lives ... and continue to impact their families long after their demise. The American College of Financial Services CLU® courses help ensure you can tailor your advice to the exact financial and life circumstances of your client.

4: Help them integrate insurance and retirement plans

In addition to life insurance, many clients are facing the challenges of retirement. Pursuing your continuing education through The American College of Financial Services will give you the knowledge and versatility to help clients take care of both circumstances at once by choosing an insurance plan that maximizes retirement savings. By providing an integrated plan that takes into consideration the merits of life insurance in retirement shows your client you are not just interested in helping them plan for their death: you are committed to helping them have the best quality of life possible as they enter their golden years.