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Get Your CLU for Your Clients' Sake

May 11, 2016

When it comes to pursuing a CLU® designation, some financial advisors may hesitate, because they don't know if it's right for them. However, there is one group that can benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired from this advanced education: your clients.

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Four Challenges Facing Financial Advisors

Apr 08, 2016

Being a financial advisor is a bit like being on a constantly-shifting sea. Sometimes, you are riding the highest crests ... and sometimes, you are the first to know things are about to crash.

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Providing Financial Services to Millennials (Who Aren't Interested)

Apr 01, 2016

For financial advisors, millennials are a great paradox. They’re a growing financial and cultural force but are notoriously difficult to secure as clients.

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Work In Financial Services

5 Reasons Why Women Should Work In Financial Services

Mar 02, 2016

It’s no secret that financial services is a predominantly male field. This knowledge may deter women from entering the industry, or they may not realize the numerous benefits of becoming a financial advisor.

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The RICP Advantage - Discover the Leader in Retirement Planning Designations

Feb 15, 2016

Are your clients ready to retire? And more importantly, are you prepared for their retirement? How you answer the latter will have a huge impact on the success of your client’s retirement plans.

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