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Estate Planner vs Financial Planner

Nov 05, 2021

In this article, you'll learn the difference between an estate planner and a financial planner, as well as how the two professions work together.


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What's Retirement Happiness?

Financial Advisor
Nov 01, 2021

When planning for a life in retirement, researchers and experts identify three major points for success and comfort: relationships with peers and community, health, and having enough money.

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RICP® Exam Difficulty

Oct 29, 2021

In this article, you’ll learn about the difficulty of the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) exam.


What Designation is RICP®?


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Retirement Planning Goes International: How The College’s Programs Allow Greece’s Nick Papastergiou, RICP®, To Make a Difference in His Community

Jul 26, 2021

For Nick Papastergiou, RICP®, a career in financial services wasn’t planned—but once he got started, he quickly realized it’s where he was meant to be.

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Retirement Financial Planner Designations for Financial Advisors

May 07, 2021

For financial advisors and wealth management professionals looking to specialize in retirement planning, a professional designation or certification is recommended.

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Time to Reset: What You Need to Know About IRAs in 2021

May 03, 2021

In 2020, many Americans made unexpected changes to their long-term savings plans. As the country recovers, they are searching for guidance in resetting their IRA strategies.

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Ed Slott, CPA

5 Questions with Ed Slott, CPA

Apr 05, 2021

Ed Slott, CPA, America’s IRA Expert, was named Professor of Practice at The American College of Financial Services in January 2021.

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The Role of 401(k)s in Resolving the Retirement Planning Crisis

Oct 19, 2020

While 401(k)s are today accepted as one of the three main pillars of retirement savings—the others being Social Security and private or personal retirement plans—they actually only entered the conversation in financial ser

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Three Strategies to Protect Retirement Income During COVID-19

Sep 24, 2020

After months of downward trends and doubts about when or where an economic recovery might take place, markets are rebounding from their COVID-19 lows.

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White Paper: Bouncing Back with Post-COVID Retirement Planning

Sep 14, 2020

In the age of COVID-19, retirement planning for millions of Americans has gone through years of evolution in the space of months.

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