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Timi Joy Jorgensen

Timi Joy Jorgensen


Director to Assistant Vice President of Financial Education & Well-Being

Areas of Expertise:

Financial Planning, Women and Financial Services

BS in Personal Financial Planning, Utah Valley University
MS in Financial Planning, University of Georgia
PhD in Financial Planning, University of Georgia


Timi Joy Jorgensen, PhD, is the Director to Assistant Vice President of Financial Education & Well-Being at The American College of Financial Services. She joined the faculty in June 2020 after completing a six-month fellowship with The College.

Jorgensen’s research focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services and on financial wellbeing and empowerment. Jorgensen has been a speaker, panelist, and contributor on the topic of creating a more inclusive and empowering financial services profession. She has spoken at conferences, on radio shows, and to several hundred couples and single parents at financial literacy courses. Jorgensen is passionate about making financial planning a more approachable and empowering topic available to all American households.

Jorgensen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in personal financial planning from Utah Valley University in 2014, and completed her graduate studies in financial planning in Spring 2020 from the University of Georgia.


HS 347 Contemporary Applications in Financial Planning