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Timothy Belber

Timothy Belber


Timothy Belber, Adjunct Professor of Estate Planning

Adjunct Professor of Estate Planning

Charles E. Drimal Estate Planning Professorship

Areas of Expertise:

Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Life Insurance Planning

BS, The Wharton School at the University of Penn
JD, Seton Hall University


Tim Belber is Adjunct Professor of Estate Planning at The American College of Financial Services. Belber followed a challenging path to reach his unique approach to family wealth. Growing up in a family with limited resources, he learned the meaning of true gratitude and developed a lifelong determination to make the most of himself and what he had. He has dedicated himself to helping self-made families align the power of their intangible assets with the practical application of financial, tax, and legal strategies.

Tim cultivated leadership, planning, and execution skills in his six years at the Marine Military Academy – the same environment that taught him never to make excuses and always to be prepared. 

As people grow more determined to live meaningful, centered lives, the interest in Tim’s approach has increased. He is a sought-after speaker and advocate for incorporating ethics and values into long-term financial and estate plans. He is the author of The Middle Way: Using Balance to Create Successful Generational Family Wealth Plans. He has also authored numerous articles on these topics and has been quoted in periodicals including the Wall Street Journal. He is a member of the Legacy Wealth Coach Network, a founding member of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing, and a dean for the Purposeful Planning Institute.

Curiosity and enthusiasm for life have led Tim to a wide range of long-standing passions. He speaks passable Italian, is an avid photographer, fisherman and cyclist, loves to read and travel, and, with his wife of 40 years, Donna, has been friend and guardian of numerous dogs. Above all, he is dedicated to exploring possibilities.

Belber also holds the Charles E. Drimal Estate Planning Professorship. The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company established the professorship in 2000 to honor the late Charles E. Drimal, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS, a revered Penn Mutual general agent. Charles provided inspiration, motivation, and guidance to many, who considered him a role model for the financial services profession. The Drimal Professorship pays tribute to Charles Drimal, while also showing a strong commitment to The American College and its mission of educational rigor and ethical standards.


GS 815 Advanced Estate Management Planned Giving

GS 869 Legacy Planning Reimagined (Residency I)

GS 839 Planning for Impact in Context of Family Wealth