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Personal Pathway ChFC and CFP education programs
Jun 29, 2020

No two people are quite alike. Thank goodness, because how boring would life be if we were all clones following predictable paths? Even individuals who make it to the pinnacle of the same profession follow different educational journeys – some vociferous readers and proficient test takers, others auditory or visual learners who prefer to listen and watch, while yet others excel through communication and collaboration. These differences make up the uniqueness on which modern society depends.

retirement planning education
Jun 09, 2020

In late April, I noticed a tweet circulating within The College community. Paraphrasing, it noted a retirement consultant’s startling conversation with a large record keeper on the massive impacts of COVID-19 and Washington, D.C.’s subsequent legislation. According to the tweet, the record keeper had already processed $1.5 billion in withdrawals via The CARES Act. (read the tweet)

Racial Injustice Cannot Continue
Jun 02, 2020

George Floyd couldn’t breathe, and yet it continued. Racial injustice has followed that playbook for decades. No matter the statistics or the screams for help, it always continues. So, why should what happened on that Minneapolis curbside come as a surprise to anyone?

AALU GAMA The American College of Financial Services Webcast
May 14, 2020

Earlier this week, I sat down with Marc Cadin, chief executive officer at AALU. Marc has been a friend and an industry leader for nearly two decades. I’m excited about the potential partnerships we can forge to best support the financial services community and strengthen the financial security of millions of Americans.

financial literacy month The American College of Financial Services
Apr 20, 2020

The American College of Financial Services seeks to remain a strong financial literacy advocate and thought leader in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. I sat down for a discussion about what financial literacy means to The College’s future initiatives and me personally.

Business Ethics Financial Services
Apr 06, 2020

In different times, trust is cemented in different ways. Today, perceived trust comes with some uncertainty of motive. That’s a problem, especially in the financial services profession, where well-documented scandals have stripped millions of their savings, their homes, and even some foundational perceptions of meaning like their self-worth.

Poised Urgency Business Leadership
Mar 25, 2020

In my experience, many people don’t know how to properly comprehend or communicate urgency. It comes instinctively to some, but many professionals manufacture and mishandle it. To scale urgency across an enterprise, it’s important to think through why the instinct kicked in, how the message is delivered, and what steps should follow to keep the feeling flowing.

George Nichols III, President and CEO
Mar 12, 2020

Life is a pilgrimage. Each day we move—sometimes across the globe, other times just out of bed. However, if you measure your life on a Fitbit or Apple Watch, it’s obvious that movement results in many of life’s indelible moments, like when you get the call about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at The American College of Financial Services.