Happy New Year! Let's Continue to Change Lives

Happy New Year! Let's Continue to Change Lives

The American College of Financial Services Financial Education 2021
Happy New Year! Let's Continue to Change Lives
George Nichols III
Jan 04, 2021

We can't move forward unless we first look back, no matter how eager we are to turn the page. COVID-19 has changed us - but it hasn't impacted our resolve to benefit society.

We find our inspiration for the future in our College family. To our faculty and professional staff, students, alumni, donors, advocates, volunteers, and Board of Trustees, thank you! We couldn't have navigated 2020 without you.

Watch my two-minute video reflecting on 2020 and eagerly anticipating the possibilities that lie ahead.

Our Inspiration For What Lies Ahead

Our engine of movement … sounds of commonality, connections, and capitalism … replaced by the silence of barren streets, the sirens of public crisis, and the discourse of an election past. These images are etched into America’s history – but so is our response.

We’ve leveraged technology to make memories with those we love. And we’ve learned more about our colleagues as their homes became their offices. During the darkness, because of you, we’ve continued to shine our light through applied financial knowledge and education delivered to financial professionals and nonprofit and corporate leaders, those on the frontline and in the c-suites responsible for bringing financial stability when it’s been needed most.

We’ve supported new careers, promoted diverse voices, engaged on the conversations of the day, and continued to deliver meaning to markets, and the issues that matter.

While we itch to turn the page, we must first acknowledge the mass loss of life and express our thoughts and prayers with all of those impacted by this deadly virus. I take such pride in a College community that’s as determined as ever to fulfill our mission to benefit society.

Our students continue to engage, our faculty continue to share their expertise, our alumni and donors continue to support and advocate for our rewarding work, and our governance continues to help guide us to a brighter future.

As 2021 transitions us to what’s next – we’ll continue to provide the applied financial knowledge and education to everyone who needs it, helping the people of our nation create, build, and maintain their wealth.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and hopeful New Year. Let’s continue to change lives.