Launching College Communities

Launching College Communities

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Launching College Communities
George Nichols III
Sep 01, 2020

The heartbeat of our mission is “community” – and as we know, it takes on many forms. We can partner with academics, local officials, and financial professionals on the ground to understand how specific communities function, what they celebrate, and what they struggle with. We can also leverage our technology, our platforms, and our national reach and relationships to foster communities that connect people from Philadelphia to the Pacific coast.

One key step in The College’s Four Steps Forward to promote upward mobility and wealth creation for Black America is purposeful professional development, including recruiting and retention strategies and study groups that break down gender and racial boundaries to support robust dialogue in an inclusive environment.

The College’s Conference of African American Financial Professionals (CAAFP) is part of those efforts. We just held our 14 ½ annual conference – a one-day virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we entered 2020, we knew that we wanted to continue the fellowship, mentorship, and networking beyond a few days each year in Atlanta.

So, we set out to create a robust African American Advisors Community with the tools to foster engagement, open up avenues for internships and scholarships, and announce College and industry events.

I’m so proud of what our College team, spearheaded by our Advancement and Alumni Relations and IT departments, have put together. If you attended CAAFP or are a College designation or degree holder, you can quickly join the community. If you aren’t an alum, but want to connect, please email and we’ll set up your account.

You can also learn more about The College’s African American Advisor Scholarship Program, and support the African American Advisors Fund that seeks to expand racial diversity in financial services. Also, watch many of the sessions from this year’s CAAFP, including a fantastic panel led by McKinsey Research and some comedic relief from Sinbad.

The College’s commitment to community extends beyond racial diversity, to philanthropy, veterans and women’s issues, as well as networks for all College alumni and holders of the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) designation, one of the oldest and most respected credentials in financial services.

You can visit this College communities page and choose the communities of interest to you. I ask not just for your registration, but for your participation to promote the issues important to your business and your community. And as a reminder, if you aren’t a current or former College student, email and we’ll help you set up an account.

By joining a network of professionals who share your passions, you’ll continue to sharpen your skills and advance the cause. Together, we are stronger!