Remembering Our Guardians of America’s Majesty

Remembering Our Guardians of America’s Majesty

Remembering Our Guardians of America’s Majesty
George Nichols III
May 28, 2021

The gravestones filling Arlington National Cemetery sit in neat rows, befitting an infantry, as polished and particular as the attention to detail so rooted in military service. The more than 300,000 gravestones overlooking Washington, D.C., are a reflection of life’s fragility, an ode to the patriotism pulsing through the great American experiment, and a stark reminder of the human costs of war.

And that is just one cemetery. Dotting countrysides and hugging cityscapes sit the plots of military veterans, bonded by service and unique in their stories. Many were called to service, with high school dropouts linking arms with Rhodes scholars, those with generational linkages to servitude covering for their fellow cadets. Military members are truly all in this together.

We owe these military men and women such thanks and grace; both those who have returned home from war, and those who perished in service to something bigger than themselves. Memorial Day is a calendar reminder that we all need to put the small things in perspective of those who fought the battles for our freedom, safety, and security.

The American College Center for Veterans Affairs aims to do its part through educational support and career opportunities in the financial services industry. Last year, while restricted in our in-person fundraising by the COVID-19 pandemic, 249 donors—including 112 first-time donors—contributed to the Center and helped us award 250 scholarships, which was a 100% increase in scholarships from the previous year! Many of the Center’s donors were inspired by Campaign: Gratitude, a video storytelling series that told the captivating, heroic tales of military heroes who have returned home to earn rewarding careers in financial services, all thanks to the generosity and support of our donors, and the work of our Center and College family.

This year, the 7th annual Clambake and Soldier-Citizen Award returns with a virtual event on September 9, and a Veterans Symposium is being planned for November 10. We thank you in advance for helping transform the lives of our active-duty service members, veterans, and their spouses.

This weekend, as we celebrate America and all its beauty, remember those who stood, and still stand, on the front lines to forever cement the majesty that is America.

Happy Memorial Day.