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The President’s Report 2021: Forging New Pathways to Trust in Financial Services

The President’s Report 2021: Forging New Pathways to Trust in Financial Services

The President’s Report 2021: Forging New Pathways to Trust in Financial Services
George Nichols III
Feb 15, 2022

America's trust crisis, which emerged during the financial crisis of 2008, has been masked for some time by the longest-running bull market in history. The COVID-19 pandemic and America's awakening to social and economic injustice have stoked the flames of this distrust. Organizations looking to attract and retain today's values-driven consumers need a new plan, one that removes the mask and confronts the issues with collective, long-lasting solutions.

At The College, our mission remains the same today as it was in 1927: to benefit society by delivering applied financial knowledge and education. Our platform extends beyond financial professionals to profit and non-profit executive leaders, underserved communities, and consumers. As a steward of trust in the financial services industry, organizations have relied on us throughout history in their pursuit of “doing well by doing good.”

In our 2021 President's Report released last week, you can read about the innovative initiatives we have developed to help an industry forge new pathways to trust with their clients, veterans, and underserved communities, beginning with Black America. The President's Report will inform you on:

  • New research soon to be released by the American College Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics in Financial Services that changes how the industry measures and thinks about trust.

  • An innovative executive leadership program developed by the American College Center for Economic Empowerment and Equality bridging the divide for Black executives in financial services.

  • The ways behavioral finance affects how advisors do business, and research from Michael Finke, PhD, CFP®, that is preparing them for the future. 

  • What is now mission-critical for the American College Center for Military and Veterans Affairs with new Executive Director James Roy, PMP®, CMSAF (Ret.) at the helm. 

We promise to keep you informed in the months ahead as these groundbreaking initiatives continue to be executed–and, as always, we welcome your support and involvement.