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The Vision and Values To Lead Us Forward

The Vision and Values To Lead Us Forward

George Nichols III, President and CEO
The Vision and Values To Lead Us Forward
George Nichols III
Mar 12, 2020

Life is a pilgrimage. Each day we move—sometimes across the globe, other times just out of bed. However, if you measure your life on a Fitbit or Apple Watch, it’s obvious that movement results in many of life’s indelible moments, like when you get the call about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at The American College of Financial Services.

The College’s legacy is a virtue. Its 93-year history is one to embrace and leverage, but it certainly cannot impede progress. And that’s the intersection where I live – at the corner of celebrating history and making it.

As The College’s 10th President and Chief Executive Officer, I wholeheartedly thank the over 170,000 alumni who at times have carried this institution with their time and charity. I revere Dr. Solomon Huebner’s vision, not just as this College’s founder, but as the architect of the modern financial services profession. Yet, I am also conscious of a 21st-century marketplace that looks different, works different, and demands different.

Different means moving forward with a clear vision guided by strong values. Here are mine.

Meet Our President: George Nichols III

I believe that life is best understood through reflection. It's how we celebrate visionaries, learn from histories, and embrace legacies. But it must be lived forward, men and women, who are unique in their talents and treasures, moving each day in a common direction, one foot in front of the other.

For me, that leads here, to an institution steeped in history and stories, but oh so ready to write its next one. A half a century ago, my story seemed impossible. A southern kid from a poor family, who yet felt so rich growing up in a home with loving parents and strong supportive sisters.

I credit those experiences for shaping me into the husband and father I am today. As a first-in-the-family college graduate, I embrace the impact that knowledge can have on the greater good. To me, purposeful work means solving problems. I forged forward to a career of firsts, including as a first African-American president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Now I carry with me 17 years at New York Life, where I worked hand-in-hand with agents and served principal roles in the boardroom and on Capitol Hill. I've been blessed to learn from industry giants and absorb the insights of world dignitaries. Through persistence and patience, I have always prioritized my passion for serving others.

Now imagine leading an institution draped in history, with the receipts to demonstrate its impact on business professionals and the financial lives of countless families. Put it in a brand-new building, with state-of-the-art technology, and the industry's top thought leaders.

As an accredited institution, our mission is to provide applied financial knowledge and education, promote life-long learning, and advocate for ethical standards that benefit society.

That means reaching the people who are living forward. The need for financial knowledge has no boundaries, and as the preeminent e-learning institution for financial education, The College is uniquely positioned to be your lifelong learning partner.

That's why I believe I was called here during this time in The College's story. As we move forward to our second century, we will lead with a vision of unlimited impact, and the same values that our founder, Dr. Solomon Huebner, imparted back in 1927.

Leverage our expertise, and join us in the spirit of financial stewardship, as we impact communities across our great country. We will spread financial knowledge far and wide, together.