COVID-19 Specific Exam FAQ’s

When can I begin scheduling my online-proctored exam with Pearson VUE?​
The College has begun offering course exams in an online-proctored format with Pearson VUE.


What courses are available to take in the online-proctored exam format​?
The following course exams are available online:

  • HS 300
  • HS 311
  • HS 321
  • HS 323
  • HS 324
  • HS 326
  • HS 328
  • HS 330
  • HS 331
  • HS 347
  • HS 348
  • HS 353
  • HS 354
  • HS 355
  • GS 839
  • GS 849

Some exam versions of the listed courses may not yet be available.


How can I take my exam online?
Pearson VUE provides an online-proctored exam format called OnVUE. Online-proctored exams allow you to conveniently take an exam from anywhere while being monitored by an offsite proctor. Pearson VUE offers online-proctoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you flexibility to take your exam at a time that is convenient for you.

You can take exams on a desktop computer or laptop.  Please note that company-issued computer equipment may have security or software restrictions that conflict with exam delivery.


How do I schedule my exam?
Please visit or contact 1-866-392-6822 to schedule your exam.

Please note that Pearson VUE has been experiencing significant call volume since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is encouraging our students to schedule their exam appointment online.


What requirements do I need in order to take my exam online?
Pearson VUE states that all you will need is a:

  • Quiet, private location
  • A reliable device with a webcam and microphone
  • Strong internet connection

You will be required to perform a Pearson VUE system check to ensure your device is compatible with OnVUE.

To learn more about OnVUE’s polices, examination guidelines, and a list of system requirements, please visit their website for more information.


Will I still receive CE credit towards my insurance license?
We understand you may have requested CE credit at the time of your enrollment, however, due to each state’s mandated guidelines, we may not be able to fulfill your request. We are aware some states are waiving the proctor requirements or allowing online-proctored exams for earning CE credits. We recommend contacting your resident state insurance license provider to confirm if you will be eligible to receive CE credits.


When does my exam-testing window end?
The College has extended all program-testing windows that were scheduled to close in March, April, and May through September 30, 2020. All other testing windows will close as scheduled.


What if I do not want to take my exam online?
The College is committed to working with you during these challenging times. If you do not wish to take the exam in an online-proctored format, you need to wait for your Pearson VUE testing center to reopen. Some testing centers are now open for in-person testing.

You may check out Pearson VUE’s COVID-19 page on its website for the latest updates regarding country-specific testing information.

Exam Specific FAQ’s

Can The American College schedule my exam for me?
No. Due to system limitations, you must contact Pearson VUE directly to schedule your appointment. Please visit or contact 1-866-392-6822 to schedule your exam.

Please note that Pearson VUE has been experiencing significant call volume since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is encouraging that our students schedule their exam appointment online.


If I already scheduled my exam, can I switch my appointment to the online-proctored format?
Yes, you can switch your appointment to the online-proctored exam format. To do so, please visit or contact 1-866-392-6822 to cancel and reschedule your appointment.


What do I do if Pearson VUE already sent me a cancellation notice?
You need to reschedule your exam appointment with Pearson VUE.


When will I receive my test results?
Once you complete your exam, you will receive a notification indicating if you passed or failed the exam. In order to see a more detailed breakdown of your exam results, you can visit your Pearson VUE dashboard located on its website.


How many questions will be on my final exam?
Exams typically range from 100 to 150 multiple-choice questions depending on which course exam you are taking. HS 300 concludes with an 80-question exam.

At the start of your exam, you will be informed how many questions will be on your final exam. You may also refer to your course syllabus in your online learning center for more information.


Is there a time limit to complete my exam once I begin?
Yes. Each of our exams has a time limit that is required to complete your exam. At the start of your exam, you will be informed of the time limit.


Are there special accommodations for students with a disability and/or a learning impairment that can be made for an online-proctored exam?
For any students requiring accommodations for a disability, please contact our Exams department at 610-526-1409 to discuss alternative testing options.


Can I use a calculator during my exam?
Yes, but you are not permitted to use a physical calculator. Pearson VUE will provide a built in calculator – a Texas Instruments 30XS calculator on screen in OnVUE for you to use.