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Your Student Experience

Taking courses at The American College of Financial Services.

Our greatest priority is to see our students succeed, both in their courses, as well as their careers. So we want to make sure you’re aware of some of the valuable resources that are available to you from The College, from the immense selection of digital resources available through our library to live professor-led, intensive reviews for material that you find particularly challenging.

Explore your online learning options, get details on course study materials, or learn more about the enrollment and admissions process.

The American College of Financial Services has an open-admission policy for designation programs.

You can explore your designation and degree options here, or if you're ready to enroll now you may do so from the top of the page. 

If you'd like some assistance, our admissions advisors can help you decide which program is right for you. If you have any questions regarding a particular study plan, an admissions advisor is available to help you at 888-263-7265 from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern.

Enrolling in a Graduate Program

If you are applying for one of our master’s degrees, you'll need to talk with a counselor, as there are some additional requirements that apply to master’s students.

Flexible learning options, first-class resources
We pride ourselves on offering valuable education in financial services, while still allowing you the flexibility to learn on your own terms.

The College is re-imagining its learning model and delivery methods through Personal Pathway™, a student experience that puts you on a flexible, yet structured learning path and delivers best-in-practice learning concepts and rich multimedia components. Courses in The College’s CFP® certification education and ChFC® and CLU® designation programs are available now through Personal Pathway™!

To get started, you’ll choose the designation or certification program you want to pursue. Each will consist of college-level courses that require work and preparation to complete successfully.

Your studies
After you enroll in a course, you’ll receive access to The College’s online learning management system. Start by exploring the robust suite of tools we've developed to help you retain knowledge and pass your course's final exam. Our courses offer a unique experience depending on the program you’re enrolled in.

Student resources may include: reading material, practice tests, video and audio lectures, powerful lesson reviews, quizzes, discussion forums, live and on-demand webinars, simulations, and more. Depending on the course, you receive either a print textbook or digital version with note-taking and flashcard creation capabilities. Print textbooks are available for purchase at a discount for all courses that include the digital version.

While we offer a recommended learning path, you can create your own course schedule. We recommend a steady approach, so that you can truly absorb the material. Make sure to check your course format, as some include graded components within each lesson, while others incorporate instructor-led, live learning options.

Course final examinations vary based on the program and instruction model. Learn more about scheduling exams, testing windows and taking the course exams here.

Your online classroom
You can access your courses in The College’s online learning management system directly from your student portal. You’ll find a variety of interactive study tools to help you master your course materials and reach your educational goals. You’ll have access to the resources you need including videos of faculty experts, peer and faculty communication tools, digital textbooks and syllabus, learning modules, practice questions, interactive learning exercises, sample exams, and simulations.

The Vane B. Lucas Memorial Library features one of the most robust, online collections of financial services information in the country. Our digital collection is developed to support students across all programs, and each resource is selected to provide you the most current and authoritative information on the topics that interest you.

Online: Live Webinar Classes
Some courses incorporate live webinar classes. These are supplemental, scheduled online classes held once per week for eight weeks with exceptional instructors and archived back-ups for your convenience and review.

Personal Pathway™ courses include live webinars held on a set schedule once per week for 10 weeks. They’re also recorded for on-demand viewing.

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