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Taking courses at The American College of Financial Services.

Our greatest priority is to see our students succeed, both in their courses, as well as their careers. So we want to make sure you’re aware of some of the valuable resources that are available to you from The College, from the immense selection of digital resources available through our library to live professor-led, intensive reviews for material that you find particularly challenging.

Explore your online learning options, get details on course study materials, or learn more about the enrollment and admissions process.

The American College of Financial Services has an open-admission policy for designation programs.

You can explore your designation and degree options here, or if you're ready to enroll now you may do so from the top of the page. 

If you'd like some assistance, our Professional Education Department has a friendly staff of experienced counselors who can help you decide which program is right for you. If you have any questions regarding a particular study plan, a counselor is available to help you at 888-263-7265 from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern.

Enrolling in a Graduate Program

If you are applying for one of our master’s degrees, you'll need to talk with a counselor, as there are some additional requirements that apply to master’s students.

Flexible learning options, first-class resources
We pride ourselves on offering valuable education in financial services, while still allowing you the flexibility to learn on your own terms.
To get started, you’ll choose the designation or certification program you want to pursue. Each will consist of college-level courses that require work and preparation to complete successfully.

Your studies
All the study material you need will be included with your tuition. After you enroll in a course, you will receive access to The College’s online learning system. Start by exploring the robust suite of tools we've developed to help you pass your exam. Our courses have different learning tools depending on the program you are enrolled in. The variety of tools may include: reading material, practice tests, video and audio lectures, simulations, and more. Many courses also include a textbook, which you will receive in the mail.

You are free to create your own plan for how you want to pace your studies. We recommend a steady approach, so that you can truly absorb the material. For students who feel they would benefit from more hands-on instruction, you can read more about our supplementary instructor-led, live learning options below.

Final examinations vary based on the program and instructional mode. Learn more about scheduling exams, testing windows and taking the course exams here.

Your online learning center
You will access your courses in The College’s online learning center directly from your student portal. You’ll find a variety of interactive study tools to help you master your course materials and reach your educational goals. You will have access to the resources you need including videos of faculty experts, peer and faculty communication tools, online textbooks and syllabus, learning modules, practice questions, interactive learning exercises, sample exams, and simulations.

The Vane B. Lucas Memorial Library features one of the most robust, online collections of financial services information in the country. Our digital collection is developed to support students across all programs, and each resource is selected to provide you the most current and authoritative information on the topics that interest you.

Supplementary study tools are available to assist you in preparing for many of your exams.

Keir Review Digest with Assessment Questions

The Digest is the one book designed to summarize all of the key information found within each of The College courses. Digests for each course are divided into small lessons corresponding to the primary text from The College. Each lesson is followed by a set of questions to assess student mastery of the material, along with answers and explanations. There is also a glossary of key terms for quick reference.

Available for the following courses: HS 300, HS 311, HS 314, HS 319, HS 321, HS 323, HS 324, HS 326, HS 328, HS 330, HS 331, HS 334

Price: $72.00

To order a Keir Review Digest, please call a Professional Education counselor at 888-263-7265.

Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Access the same multiple-choice questions that are contained in The American College of Financial Services/Keir Review Digest. Available online — questions appear in random order. Students are also provided with answers and explanations for immediate reinforcement of the ideas being tested.

Available for the following courses: HS 300, HS 311, HS 314, HS 319, HS 321, HS 323, HS 324, HS 326, HS 328, HS 330, HS 331, HS 334

Price: $15.00 when purchased with Digest; $50.00 without the Digest

To order the Practice Exam questions, please call a Professional Education counselor at 888-263-7265.


Flashcards provide a condensed view of the most important points in each course. There are more than 100 cards per course.

Available for: HS 300, HS 311, HS 321, HS 326, HS 328, HS 330

Price: $15.00 when purchased with Digest; $35.00 without the Digest

To order flashcards, please call a Professional Education counselor at 888-263-7265

There are bundling options for courses so you receive a discount. Please call a Professional Education counselor at 888-263-7265 in order to discuss this option further.

Online: Live Webinar Classes
Some courses have the option to add live webinar classes. These are supplemental, scheduled online classes held once per week for eight weeks with exceptional instructors and archived back-ups for your convenience and review.

More students are choosing live webinar classes now for three reasons:

  • The quality instructors are a great help in understanding complex material
  • The discipline of regular classes keeps studying on track
  • Class archives offer the flexibility of repeat viewings


In some cases, you can also add-on an Intensive Review Program (IRP) to your course selection. IRPs are 2.5 days of comprehensive material review with an expert instructor to prepare you for your course exam. Study before you arrive, participate in an intensive, two day review of the course topics, then take your exam onsite. These programs are increasingly popular and effective ways to combine the best of both worlds: self-study and expert review.

When enrolling in an IRP, please be aware that these programs require a minimum number of participants in order to be held as scheduled. We will confirm that your program will occur as scheduled three weeks before the start of class. Do not make travel arrangements until you receive a confirmation email three weeks before the start date.



Which designations are available through IRP?
Courses covering CFP® certification, ChFC®, and CLU® are offered in the IRP format and combine the best of self-study and classroom review with an onsite exam. All courses are not always offered, so check the schedule to plan out your curriculum.

I have already completed several courses in my ChFC®, CLU® and CFP® certification programs. Can I finish the rest of my courses through IRP’s?
Yes, provided you check your 5-Year window and that we offer the classes you need during that time frame. Check what courses you need to complete your designation, and then check the IRP schedule to plan your schedule.

Am I expected to study before going to the IRP?
Yes. You are expected to have studied the course text before coming to the class because as the name suggests, it is a Live Intensive Review. The session covers the key concepts that will be addressed on the exam, and allows time for student interaction and detailed explanations of the most challenging concepts.

What are the times of the classes?
The classes start at 8 AM on Friday and Saturday and end at 5 PM with breaks included. On Sunday the final exam review is from 8 AM – 10 AM and the exam is from 10 AM – 12 PM.

What is the cost for an IRP?
The cost of tuition is $1065. Please also keep in mind that if travel is required, The College has no responsibility for flight or accommodation charges.

Can I obtain tax documentation for my tuition paid each year?
Yes. The College will send you a 1098-T form each January for payments made during the previous calendar year.

Is my credit card and Social Security number information safe?
Yes. All credit card and social security number information and activity is processed through secure, encrypted transactions.

How long do I have to complete my course?
You are expected to take your exam while you attend the IRP, while the material is fresh in your mind. However, if you cannot take the exam on location, you can still take the exam at a Pearson Vue testing center during your exam quarter.

If I am unsuccessful on my exam, can I retake the exam?
Yes. For IRP students, you receive a complementary retake at a Pearson Vue testing center, usually within the same quarter as your original IRP. If you are unsuccessful a second time, you will have to pay the retake fee of $125.00.

Is there a cutoff date for registration?
Yes. The cutoff for registration is three weeks before the start date of the review. This is because if you register any later, you run the risk of not having enough time to prepare before actually going to the IRP.

However, if you are already enrolled in the course as a self-study student, since you already have the materials and have already begun studying, you can register for an IRP up to the day before the start date of the IRP.

Can an IRP be cancelled?
Yes. If there are not enough registrations to cover the costs of the course, The College will notify students of the class cancellation and offer them alternative methods of completing their studies.

Additional considerations for IRP’s
The most challenging courses are the best candidates for IRP’s. While students benefit from instructor interaction with any course, technical topics such as investments, estate planning, and taxation are particularly effective in the live-review format.

Benefits of the Intensive Review Program:

  • Outstanding price for value with higher pass rates for challenging courses
  • Live interaction/Q&A with a qualified instructor
  • A focused, intensive review without outside distractions
  • Onsite exam while the material is fresh in students’ minds
  • Scheduled review keeps students on track for course completion
  • One free retake of exam
  • Author of the textbook is often the instructor of the IRP class


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