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How We Support You

Everything you need to succeed.

You’ve chosen The College because you’re motivated to excel, and we believe if we can help clear your way, that’s exactly what you’ll do. If there is any way we can be of greater service, please let us know. And if you have any questions about getting started, or staying on track, our counselors are a great resource.

We know how hard it can be to balance work, life, and a rigorous study schedule. Earning a designation isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth it. Our programs are designed to challenge you, in order to prepare you for the real world.

We employ a full staff of counselors, dedicated to your success. Their primary mission is to remove obstacles to your progress, so that you can focus on learning. They’ve seen first-hand what it takes to succeed at The College, and are here to listen, to coach, and to make your experience at The College a positive one.

“Many of the calls I get are students who have temporarily stalled, and just need some help figuring out how to get moving again," said one Professional Education Counselor. "I get it. Often, just by making a few adjustments to their study habits, many get right back on track. That’s my favorite part of the job.”

Please contact the Professional Education Department (PED) at 888-263-7265 for assistance with any questions related to your experience at The College.

1) Plan on spending 5-8 hours per week of study time for each course.

You may choose to study for 75 minutes a day, two hours every other day, or to save your studies for the weekend. What matters is that you choose a schedule that you can maintain. Please stay in touch with the counseling staff as you study — they’re here to help you do well.

With the WMCP® program, students enroll in one customized course which has content equal to about three courses; students should expect to take approximately six months completing the program. An online learning environment will will create a customized learning journey for each individual student based on their knowledge and proficiency.  

2) Your online learning center should be your first stop in every course.

While some courses will include a hardcopy textbook shipped to you and Personal Pathway™ courses give you the option of purchasing a printed version at a discount, we suggest you take advantage of the digital resources available to you immediately after enrollment. Start each learning experience by making a study plan for yourself. Review the syllabus to determine where you might need to spend extra time, then divide up the chapters over the testing window. Explore the online resources thoroughly during your first course to be sure that you are familiar with all of the tools and don’t miss out on something that could help. WMCP® will provide a custom study plan for you immediately after you take a pre-assessment that determines your knowledge and proficiency of the subject matter.  A counselor can help you through a tour if you need one.

Use your test week to do a final review, and make last minute test preparations. Many students forget simple test takings tips that can make a real difference, like getting a full night’s sleep, scheduling your exam early in the day while you are still sharp, and eating a healthy breakfast.

3) If you get off track, don’t panic.

Your counselor can help you remap a path for your remaining time. We strongly recommend avoiding the need to reschedule your exams because you waited too long to test. Be as prepared as possible before your exam to ensure that you have your best chance to pass, and never let your testing window run out. With the WMCP® program, students will receive a weekly report showing a snapshot of their progress within the program and their performance against benchmarks. This report will help drive the student’s progression and identify areas of increased focus.

4) Study to learn, not just to pass the tests.

Your efforts here are an investment in your future. It’s not just about having a designation, is about understanding all that that designation means and how to use it. Do not hesitate to contact a counselor for help along the way.

5) Move quickly from course to course.

As soon as you finish one course, you should already be planning to move on the next. One of the biggest advantages of buying our course packages is that we automatically take care of this for you. Our experience shows that students who keep up a steady pace are the most likely to successfully finish their designation.

Know and understand the resources and materials you were provided

  • Materials received by mail
  • Materials available in the online learning center

Understand The College’s expectations for the course

  • Syllabus: describes the content covered and how it is organized in the materials you received
  • Exam window: the date by which you must take the course exam
  • Refund period
  • Course content you’re expected to learn and where it resides
  • Exam process: you must schedule your exam in advance; what to expect when you get there
  • What happens after the exam?

Organizational skills

  • Plan and follow a study schedule
  • Track your progress relative to your exam date
  • What to do if unexpected issues arise (having trouble accessing course materials, having trouble learning the material, work/home responsibilities interfere, etc.)

Study skills

  • Develop and follow a plan for how to learn the material
  • Self-evaluation of your progress (stay on schedule, self-test along the way, when to seek help if needed, etc)
  • Develop and follow a plan for preparing for your exam

What if I need help?

  • Know what resources are available from the College and how to use them
  • Need help organizing/planning your studies?
  • Have questions on specific content?
  • Do you lack prerequisite skills?

Contacting The College

Please contact the Professional Education Department (PED) at 888-263-7265 for assistance with any questions related to student services.

What happens if I don’t pass a course exam or don’t take the exam?

Students can retake course exams for an additional fee. For more information contact PED at the number above.

The American College of Financial Services is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students, including students with disabilities. The College does not discriminate against students with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to a student with a known disability in order to afford that student an equal opportunity to participate in programs offered by The College.

Students with disabilities are served by the Professional Education Department (PED), which can be contacted at 888-263-7265. PED is available to assist students, faculty, College support staff in reaching a joint determination of academic accommodations, where needed.

Students with disabilities who seek an accommodation are responsible to identify themselves to PED in advance to afford The College the opportunity to determine the scope of reasonable accommodations it can make. Identification may take place at matriculation/admissions or at any time during a student’s course of study. Students should be prepared to discuss the nature and extent of their disability and the accommodations they feel are necessary.

All students with disabilities have the responsibility to provide documentation at their own expense in order to be considered for accommodations. Some acceptable forms of documentation are:

  • A 12th grade IEP or section 504 plan
  • A written report from a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist
  • Documentation of accommodations provided at another college

The College may request additional documentation from students if the determination of a disability is inconclusive, or if the documentation provided does not support the accommodations requested. The request for accommodations and supporting documentation must be provided in advance of when the accommodations are needed.

Have questions?