Student Policies

Student Policies

By enrolling in a course at The American College of Financial Services all students agree to be bound by the following Admissions Declarations:

“I agree to be bound by The College Code of Ethics and Procedures and other ethical codes or standards that apply to this designation. I am aware that successfully passing an examination is not the sole requirement for the awarding of a designation and I agree that I shall not be entitled to the designation unless I also meet any experience or ethical standards established by the Board of Trustees. I understand that I must complete the educational requirements for a particular program within five years from the date of the initial course registration in that program. I further understand that upon award of my designation, I will be obligated to comply with the continuing education requirements and pay any associated recertification fees required by The College to maintain use of the designation.

The American College of Financial Services reserves the right to void any examination if, in its sole opinion, there is reason to question its validity. I agree to be bound by the policies of The College and understand it is my responsibility to make myself aware of additional policies announced in the future that are applicable to my designation(s)."


A complete listing of The College’s policies on ethics, academic integrity, sexual misconduct, recertification, transfer of credit, refunds, and missed exams is available in the College-wide polices document.

The College’s Student Educational Records Policy describes rights of access to information contained in student records and the circumstances under which student information may be released. The American College of Financial Services does not receive funding under any program administered by the U.S. Department of Education, and consequently, is not bound by the requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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