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Continuing Education

Earn CE credit with designation courses

CE 128 – Ethics for Financial Services Professionals

This course reviews timely and relevant ethical issues in the financial services profession, such as changes to the U.S. Department of Labor fiduciary rule, and resulting ethical implications for financial services professionals.

The course is structured as a series of videos, including several interviews with faculty members from The American College of Financial Services. The course is taught by Julie Ragatz, assistant professor of ethics, and director of the Center for Ethics at The American College of Financial Services.

CE 128 is available to anyone; you do not need to be enrolled in a designation or degree program to take this course. Taking this course satisfies ethics CE requirements for The College’s Professional Recertification Program. The College requires all designees to maintain their designation by annually recertifying.


What courses are approved for CE in my state and how many credit hours are they worth?​

Many of the programs at The College qualify for state insurance continuing education. Follow the link below, organized by programs at The College, to obtain recent CE credit information by course. Understand that this information changes frequently, and while we will do our best to provide current data, it is your responsibility to verify CE credits with your state.

What courses are CFP Board approved that are Non-State CE credits?​​

If you require CFP CE credits reported, please provide the required information to ensure credit reporting in a timely manner.

How do I get credit hours for The College courses reported to my state?

In order to comply accurately with state requirements for processing CE, The American College of Financial Services takes the following approach:

  • When CE is requested at the time of enrollment, applicable filing fees for the states that require them will be paid by The College and your CE will be reported to your state upon successful completion of your course.
  • If you are currently enrolled in courses and want CE reported to your resident state but did not select CE when registering, please contact an academic advisor at 888-263-7265, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET.

How do I get credit hours for The College courses reported to my state?

  • It generally takes 7-10 business days from the time your grade posts for your CE to report to your state.
  • If your state requires a proctor affidavit, this will need to be submitted to The College prior to reporting your CE to your state.

If you would like a duplicate certificate because you have misplaced the original, or you require your continuing education (CE) credits to be reported immediately outside of our normal processing time of five to seven business days, or if continuing education credit was never requested at the time of registration and you now require immediate processing and reporting, please complete the form here.

A fee of $35.00 will be charged.

Final Exams For all HS and FA courses must be taken through The College's proctored online examination process (NY students will take a proctored paper-and-pencil exam).

The American College of Financial Services requires every examination be proctored by a disinterested third party who is not the moderator, not a relative, an immediate supervisor nor employee of the producer and one that has no financial or personal interest in the outcome of the examination. States having additional or alternate requirements are noted below. Students must follow all posted guidelines regardless of the reason for taking the course.

Please note: Pearson-Vue will act in lieu of the state required affidavit for the following states:

AL, CO, GA, PA, AZ, CT, MA, VA, VT, WV, NC, OH, IA, MT, MI, MN, HI and NY.

This means that students who take their exam at a Pearson-Vue testing center only for any of the above states will not have to submit a signed proctor affidavit back to the Continuing Education (CE) Department.

The remaining proctor affidavit states MUST have their affidavit signed at Pearson-Vue’s testing center and have it faxed to 610-526-1402 within 24-hours. These states are as follows:


Any student taking their exam outside of a Pearson-Vue testing center MUST have the proctor affidavit signed and returned regardless of the location for ALL affidavit states listed below.

Click on your domicile state below to access the proctor affidavit. Affidavits must be brought to the testing center on the day of the exam. The exam center will not be able to provide them for you. All affidavits must be faxed to The American College of Financial Services’ CE Department (fax: 610-526-1402) no later than the day following the exam. State insurance continuing education will not be granted if your monitor/proctor affidavit is not received in a timely manner. Students who fail to return the appropriate affidavit will have to take the exam again if CE is desired. If your state is not listed, you do not have to fill out a proctor affidavit but you do need to select a proctor in accordance with The American College's guidelines.


  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Montana
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

Please Click Here: Multiple State Proctor Form 


  • Michigan
  • Nevada

Please Click Here: Multiple State Proctor Form 2 


No state-specific proctor criteria.


The proctor must also be a licensed producer for this state.


No state-specific proctor criteria.


No state-specific proctor criteria.


The proctor may not be employed by the same company as the student.


The proctor must also be a licensed producer for this state with the exception of an exam administered at a Pearson VUE testing center.


The proctor must also be a licensed producer for this state or a CE Provider.


The proctor must have no corporate employment or course sponsor relationship to the student. However, employees of the company's personnel or compliance department with no direct financial connection to the student may proctor exams.

Minnesota (Single Student) 

Minnesota (Multiple Student 1) 

No state-specific proctor criteria.


The student is required to have exams be administered by a disinterested third party such as a testing center or at a library. Insurance company or agency personnel are not considered to be disinterested third parties.


No state-specific proctor criteria.


No state-specific proctor criteria.

New York 

State requires pre-approval of a student's final exam proctor.

Path: Click here for a list of approved New York proctors. The proctor must fax their approval form, (received from The New York Department of Insurance), along with your name, course and section information to: The American College of Financial Services Attention: CE at 610-526-1402. You may also submit the name of a disinterested third party for approval. To do so, you will need to access New York Pre-Approval Forms Link for forms and directions.

North Carolina 

The proctor may not be employed by the same company as the student.


No state-specific proctor criteria.

South Carolina 

No state-specific proctor criteria.


No state-specific proctor criteria.


The proctor must be an individual from the company's corporate training department, or a supervisor-appointed co-worker, or an approved test administration service.

West Virginia 

No state-specific proctor criteria.