Special Programs

Complementing your financial services education.

In addition to studying for a degree or professional designation, students also come to The American College of Financial services to other special education opportunites. As needed, The College makes special programs available to the public. These special education opportunities typically tie-in to an existing designation or degree program, but can be enrolled in as a standalone program. Students who complete a special education program may be able to earn credit toward a designation or degree program at The College. Please speak with a Professional Education Counselor for more information. 

How Will the DOL Fiduciary Rule Impact You?

Once the U.S. Department of Labor Conflict of Interest Rule was finalized, the financial services community raised its hand to ask questions. To help advisors get the answers necessary to serve clients under the new fiduciary rule, the expert retirement income planning faculty at The American College of Financial Services has closely studied the DOL fiduciary rule and how it will affect the financial services profession.

To aid financial services practitioners as they navigate a new regulatory environment with an expanded fiduciary standard of care, The American College of Financial Services has created two unique, educational opportunities that will help you gain an advanced understanding of the new DOL rule and how it affects financial advisors, broker-dealers and many other financial services professionals.

FA 212 | Social Media: Don't Get Left Behind

Understanding how to use social media to build and maintain your business is an essential professional skill for today’s modern financial advisor.

Social media helps you connect with new clients, strengthens relationships with existing ones, and see valuable analytics about your consumer base. Enroll in “Social Media: Don’t Get Left Behind” to learn how to manage a successful social media presence and leverage platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to effectively market your business and gain insight into your customers.