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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning: Process and Environment


Craig Lemoine
Don A. Taylor

Provides an overview of the financial planning process, including communication techniques, ethics, risk tolerance, time-value-of-money concepts, financial planning applications, regulatory issues, and the legal and economic environment for financial planning. The student will gain an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a financial planner, along with some analytical skills to aid in financial decision-making.

6th edition, ©2016

Price: $120

Item Code: HS300-6

Financial Planning Applications


Craig Lemoine

Uses case analysis to integrate planning techniques, tools and products covered in prior courses. Provides practical experience in analyzing and solving realistic financial problems of individuals and business. Includes cases that range from simple fact patterns and basic documents to complex situations involving not only personal financial problems, but also financial problems associated with businesses, business ownership and estate planning.

25th edition, ©2015

Price: $120

Item Code: HS332-25

Foundations of Financial Planning: An Overview


Ed Worsham
Allen McLellan

Provides an overview of the major components that make up a comprehensive financial plan, including the six-step planning process, insurance planning, risk management, employee benefits planning, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. The course also covers Social Security and Medicare and their importance as the foundation of a client’s financial plan.

3rd edition, ©2012

Price: $65

Item Code: FA262-3