Other Financial Services Topics

Other Financial Services Topics

Women & Money - Matters of Trust


Jocelyn Wright

Explores the demand for readiness and effectiveness in marketing to women for insurance and financial professionals. Covers the latest research on women, best practices in marketing, relationship building and consultative selling, and the six content areas of financial planning and their special implications for American females. Gain insight on how to expand your business through the understanding of the dynamics and perspectives of female clients and advisors. Ideal for both men and women seeking to enhance their practice with additional knowledge and expertise.

4th edition, ©2016

Price: $65

Item Code: FA204.04.1

Planning for Business Owners and Professionals


Ted Kurlowicz

Focuses on the tax and legal aspects of organizing a business; compensation planning for the business owner; business succession planning; buy-sell agreements; estate planning and estate freezing techniques; methods for transferring a family business; lifetime disposition of a business interest-taxable and tax-free dispositions and the use of the installment sale and other methods; business uses of life and disability insurance for the benefit of business owners; disability buy-sell agreements; and risk management for a closely held business. Also covers the special problems of professional corporations.

15th edition, ©2016

Price: $120

Item Code: HS331-16

Executive Compensation


Paul Schneider


Christopher Woehrle

Addresses the many types of plans used to provide benefits for executives of business firms. Covers plan installation, as well as ERISA, tax, and other compliance issues. Also included are cash compensation planning; nonqualified deferred-compensation plans; stock options; split-dollar life insurance plans; disability income benefits; and executive fringe benefits. Special features include the IRS Model Rabbi Trust, a sample restricted stock purchase plan, and reporting and disclosure forms for pension and welfare benefit plans under ERISA.

14th edition, ©2016

Price: $75

Item Code: HS342-14

ISBN: 1-58293-036-8 • ISBN: 978-1-58293-036-7

Techniques for Prospecting: Prospect or Perish


I. David Cohen
Kirk S. Okumura
Kevin M. Lynch

Teaches advisors industry-proven methods for successfully identifying, selecting, and approaching prospects for financial products and services. The course covers procedures for creating prospect awareness, target marketing concepts, and prospect qualification and prioritization techniques. Students learn how to overcome the psychological barriers to prospecting and innovative approaches for setting income and activity goals. Strategic, tactical, and operational business planning processes are presented in detail, along with effective contact management systems. In addition, practice management concepts, professionalism, and ethics are explored.

4th edition, ©2016

Price: $65

Item Code: FA200.04.1

Techniques for Exploring Personal Markets


McLellan, Okumura

Provides an in-depth look at penetrating the personal markets using the life-cycle marketing strategy and selling/planning process. Learn to segment your market into four adult life-cycle segments and recognize the common insurance and financial needs members of these market segments have. Apply this approach to new prospects and existing clients. Create a basic marketing plan to apply the life-cycle marketing strategy to your practice. Other topics covered include disability income, life, long-term care and Medicare supplement insurance; overview of investment products; special markets; and retirement and estate planning.

4th Edition, 2016

Price: $65

Item Code: FA201.04.01

Techniques for Meeting Client Needs


Glenn Stevick

Offers an introduction to the life insurance sales career and the sales/planning process in the personal market. Addresses total-needs selling, the consultative selling process and the needs for personal life insurance. Presents the skills used throughout the sales/planning process, from the initial client meeting, through fact finding and sales presentations, to servicing and continuing a mutually profitable relationship. Presents a review of insurance products, policy provisions, underwriting and service.

5th Edition, 2016

Price: $65

Item Code: FA202.05.01