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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Health and Long-Term Care Financing for Seniors


Adam Beck

This textbook includes an introduction to health care financing and employment-related medical expense coverage. It also provides a thorough analysis of the alternatives available for senior clients to finance medical and long-term care. Topics include consumer-directed health insurance plans for older clients; underwriting medical expense insurance and insuring the unhealthy, interim, supplemental, and ancillary; medical expense insurance; Medicare; Medicare supplements; Medicaid and veterans' benefits; the need for financing long-term care; caregivers and settings for long-term care; personal resources to meet long-term care needs; development of long-term care insurance; characteristics of individual long-term care insurance; and the underwriting of long-term care insurance.

5th ed., ©2014

Price: $120

Item Code: HS351-5

Essentials of Long-Term Care Insurance


Morith, Dulisse, Okumura, Stevick, Worsham
Provides an overview of why there is a need for long-term care (LTC) and explains what LTC is and who will need it. Describes how to select, approach and meet the prospect. Covers the use of fact finding and field underwriting in making the LTC insurance sale; how to customize the policy to meet the prospect’s objectives; how to deliver the policy and service the plan; the relationship of the LTC need to comprehensive financial needs; the role of the advisor as a financial services professional; and how to build an LTC insurance practice.

3rd Edition, 2010

Price: $65

Item Code: FA255.03.01