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Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)


Tom Wamberg

Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) has become a very popular tool for banks to finance the cost of their employee benefit liabilities.
Introduced in 1983, BOLI today is owned by more than 3,000 banks. 
This book discusses how BOLI works and the reasons why banks increasingly use this product. In addition, it helps readers find their way through the maze of decisions that have to be made when purchasing a BOLI plan.
Bank-Owned Life Insurance presents a unique financial opportunity. Separate Account Bank Owned Life Insurance, The Theory and Practice, enables readers and bankers to understand the separate account BOLI product in detail. This knowledge will allow the readers to become more sophisticated in their understanding of Separate Account Bank-Owned Life Insurance.
The main thrust of this book is to review the various life insurance products that are available to banks-a life insurance policy is referred to as a product. 
In the early years of BOLI, the only product available was called general account. With the passage of time and the development of new financial instruments, particularly the stable value rider, Separate Account Life Insurance, more banks became buyers of separate account products.
It is expected the Separate Account Product will become the predominant product of choice for all but the smallest banks.
There has never been a book written that covers the subject matter at hand. Therefore, Separate Account Bank-Owned Life Insurance, The Theory and Practice will delve deeply into the working of all facets of separate account life insurance products.

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