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Requesting a Transcript

Advising Transcripts

Advising transcripts give you a complete picture of your student record, including any passed or failed courses. Current course registrations are also listed on an advising transcript. Advising transcripts can be used as a guide toward completing your program of study since all remaining course requirements are listed. Students are able to view their advising transcripts online through their student account. Use the "Self Services" section of your student portal to see this information. 

Official & Unofficial Transcripts

To request an Official Transcript, please order via Parchment with this link to order your official transcript, duplicate diploma, or education verification.  You can also use the Student Portal to order these official documents.

Official transcripts have The College seal, are signed by The Registrar, and can be delivered via email or physical mail.  Official Transcripts cost $40 plus shipping and handling (if a physical copy is requested).  Electronic transcripts are normally delivered as soon as the order is completed, and physical transcripts are delivered in two – three weeks after the order has been completed.

Unofficial transcripts are also available at no charge via your student portal. This shows both passed and failed courses. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted by other colleges or universities for transfer credit.

Duplicate diplomas are available at $100 plus shipping and handling.  You will also receive an electronic version when ordering a duplicate diploma.

Education verification can be requested at no charge.


Diploma Frames

Recent graduates are encouraged to pursue framing options that best fit their needs and budget requirements. Huebner School diplomas are 11 inches X 14 inches in size, and Graduate School diplomas are 8.5 inches X 11 inches in size.  The American College of Financial Services has partnered with Framing Success for branded diplomas.  Please visit their site for frames, pricing, and shipping options.  Please note that these are for the frames only, diplomas are shipped separately.