Letters of Intent in Special Needs Planning

Friday, October 22, 2021

When engaging in financial planning with caregivers, guardians, trustees, or family of individuals with special needs, one subject that needs to be addressed is what will happen to that individual once those caregivers are no longer around to help them. Get the tools to tackle this critical component of special needs planning with The American College of Financial Services.

Guest presenters Kelly Piacenti, MA, ChSNC®, Head of SpecialCare at MassMutual, and Jerry L. Hulick, CLU®, ChFC®, ChSNC®, CLTC®, Principal for The Washington Group Special Care Planning Team, discuss “letters of intent” in special needs planning and how they can be used to clearly communicate caregivers’ wishes, concerns, and instructions regarding their loved ones to those who come after them. We  look at:

  • How to draft a letter of intent with comprehensive planning steps
  • The importance of integrated planning for those with special needs and their caregivers
  • How to execute on the wishes communicated in a letter of intent, and more...