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Why you should consider the WMCP®

The WMCP® uses contemporary investment science to bring a new level of value to the advisor-client relationship.

You will learn the fundamentals of goal-based wealth management, which begins with your client’s goals—whether that is saving for college tuition, planning for retirement, or passing wealth on to others. Through a focus on tax-efficient portfolio strategies that integrate the newest research on client behavior, the WMCP® will develop your skills in identifying goals, evaluating risk, and developing sophisticated investment plans tailored to the needs of your clients. Developed by more than 25 experts in advanced financial techniques, the WMCP® provides a unique education in applied investment planning, which won the program the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for Excellence in Learning.

What you will learn

What You’ll Learn

The WMCP® program includes dozens of topics not available in conventional investments education as well as interviews with over 100 expert academics and practitioners. WMCP® designation holders are equipped to:

  • Implement investment plans for a range of client goals including retirement, estate, small business planning, education, housing, and legacy.
  • Develop a deep understanding of investments and financial products and how they can be used to meet client goals.
  • Identify client tax characteristics and evaluate account strategies that can provide the highest after-tax performance using traditional, Roth, and taxable accounts.
  • Address the importance of human capital, including the risk of premature death, disability, and the integration of earnings into an investment portfolio.
  • Strategically use life insurance products.
  • Help clients effectively manage risk.
  • Account for client emotions and behavior to help investors reach long-term goals.

Continuing Education (CE) credit is available; see the CE page for more information.

Who Should Take the WMCP®

  • Experienced financial professionals looking for a modern, applied wealth management education
  • Advisors focused on risk-based planning looking to develop a comprehensive wealth management practice
  • Advisors looking to hone their investment knowledge beyond the CFP® and ChFC®
  • Brokers looking for a new approach to wealth management with unique and in-depth content in the areas where they can provide the greatest value
  • Insurance advisors who want to develop their expertise in wealth management and help their clients with both protection and growth
  • Associate wealth management professionals looking for an introduction to goal-based planning

You do not need any specific product or theoretical knowledge to enroll in the program, although a fundamental knowledge of tax concepts is helpful.

One year of relevant experience is required to complete the designation.

Program Delivery

WMCP® is an online, self-paced education program that includes:

WMCP® is an online, self-paced education program that includes:

  • An initial assessment to create a learning path customized to your needs.
  • Video lectures, interactive text, and exercises.
  • Knowledge checks, behavioral self-checks, practice exams, and advanced practical simulations.
  • Constant feedback on your application of concepts.

You have a 12-month window to complete the coursework and prepare for the four-hour, 150-question final exam.

If you spend 8 to 10 hours a week on the WMCP®, you can complete the program in 6 to 8 months.

Review system requirements for viewing WMCP® program content.

Tuition and Fees

  • Program: $2,900
    • Includes payment plan paid over six monthly credit card payments
    • First payment of $495 upon enrollment
    • Five additional monthly payments of $481
  • Save $150 by paying $2,750 in full upon enrollment
  • All savings applied to $2,900 when paid-in-full upon enrollment only

Tuition includes all required study materials, access to on-demand online learning tools, and your examinations. WMCP® does not include or require any physical textbooks.

Sample the WMCP®

How You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

WMCP® Unit Lesson Preview


Required WMCP® Curriculum:

The WMCP® is not a series of courses, but rather a singular learning experience customized to meet the student's individual needs. Upon completion of the program, the student should be able to:

  1. Employ a goal-based process for planning and managing client wealth.
  2. Create an efficient investment portfolio.
  3. Evaluate financial instruments.
  4. Assemble a wealth management strategy.
  5. Provide solutions for complex wealth management needs.

The curriculum is addressed in four main categories:

  1. Investment Theory
  2. Investment Tools
  3. Investment Accounts
  4. Application & Strategies


Continuing education (CE) credit is now available for the WMCP® program. Complete WMCP® to receive 15 hours of CFP® CE and 30 hours of Professional Recertification Program (PRP) credit. State CE is approved or pending for WMCP®. Check the CE page for more information.

To receive the WMCP® designation, a student must successfully complete all required program content within the WMCP® learning platform (including knowledge checks, simulations), pass the final exam, meet experience requirements, and agree to comply with The American College Code of Ethics and Procedures. Participation in the Professional Recertification Program is also required.

See the Student Resources and Policies page for comprehensive details on refund policies, learning policies, recertification information, and more.

WMCP® Program Contributors:

David Blanchett, PhD, CFA®, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®
Adjunct Faculty
Morningstar Investment Management LLC

Chia-Li Chien, CFP®, PMP
Succession Strategist & Program Director
Value Growth Institute

C.W. Copeland, PhD

Benjamin F. Cummings, PhD, CFP®
Associate Professor of Behavioral Finance
The American College of Financial Services

Philip Cubeta, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®
Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy
Assistant Professor of Philanthropy
The American College of Financial Services

Sophia Duffy, JD, CPA
Assistant Professor of Business Planning
The American College of Financial Services

Todd Erkis
Visiting Professor, Haub School of Business
St. Joseph's University

Michael Finke, PhD, CFP®
Chief Academic Officer
The American College of Financial Services

Todd Fithian
Managing Partner
The Legacy Companies, LLC

Gerald J. Herbison, DBA, ChFC®, CASL®, CFP®, CLF®
Assistant Professor of Management
Director of the CLF® Program
The American College of Financial Services

Jamie Hopkins, Esq., MBA, LLM, CLU®, RICP®
The American College of Financial Services

John Howe, PhD, CFA®
Chair, Department of Finance
University of Missouri

Robert R. Johnson, PhD, CFA®, CAIA®

Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CASL®, CLU®, CFP®, ChFC®, REBC®, RHU®
Partner & Director of Wealth Management
Pinnacle Advisory Group
Nerd’s Eye View at

Theodore T. Kurlowicz, JD, LLM, CAP®, ChFC®, CLU®
Charles E. Drimal Professorship in Estate Planning
Professor of Taxation
The American College of Financial Services

Craig Lemoine, PhD, CFP®
Director, Financial Planning Program
Assistant Professor 
The University of Illinois

Jeffrey Levine, CPA®, CFA®
Managing Director
Thomas Capital Group

David Littell, JD, ChFC®
Joseph Boettner Chair in Research
Professor of Taxation
The American College of Financial Services

Kevin M. Lynch, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RHU®, REBC®, CASL®, CAP®, CLF®, LUTCF, FSS, RICP®
Faculty Instructor
The American College of Financial Services

Laraine McKinnon

Kirk Okumura, MSFS, ChFC®
Academic Director, FSCP Program
The American College of Financial Services

Steve Parrish, JD, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®
Adjunct Law Professor
Drake University

Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA®
Professor of Retirement Income
The American College of Financial Services

Julie A. Ragatz

Ross A. Riskin, CPA/PFS, CCFC
American Institute of Certified College Financial Consultants
CFP® Program Director
The American College of Financial Services

Aaron Shackelford, CFA®
Shackelford Consulting Services

Adam Walk, PhD
Head of Investments

Christopher P. Woehrle, JD, LLM (Tax)

Walt Woerheide, PhD, ChFC®, CFP®




Program Faculty

Michale Finke Chief Academic Officer
Michael Finke

Professor of Wealth Management

WMCP® Program Director

Frank M. Engle Distinguished Chair in Economic Security

Professor Benjamin Cummings
Benjamin F. Cummings

Associate Professor of Behavioral Finance

David Blanchett
David Blanchett

Adjunct Professor of Wealth Management

Professor Wade Pfau
Wade D. Pfau

Professor of Retirement Income

RICP® Program Director

Co-Director of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income